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    Hey I have a friend who used to live in tennesse for about 2 years, 6 years ago, and registered his boat in tennessee. He now lives in Ohio for the last 6 years.Well in tennesse you dont have to have a tag on your boat trailor. Well he doesnt want to buy a tag on for his boat trailor, and he thinks he can get around the state law by registering his boat in Tennessee.He thinks he can get around ohio law requiring a trailor tag, by registering his boat in tennesse. If you live in a state, you have to go by that states laws is what i thought, he thnks he can just say oh its registered in tennesse and the cops wont and CANT give him a ticket..Am I wrong about this, or is he wrong about this, i was just trying to save the guy a ticket.But he thinks i am wrong
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    Well, I think he is going to loose his pocket change. The way the laws in most states work is when you establish a residence in a state, you abide by that states laws, and you normally have something like 30 to 45 days to become compliant. That means if you get a driver's license in the new state, or are employed in the new state you have to comply with their laws. I don't think he would have to pay penalty on his registration, but he will pay big time if he don't get it registered in the new state. If he is in the military, he normally is exempt from the requirement of registering in the new state as long as he keeps registration in his home state current.

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    I got a friend that is a State trooper he says if I got to have a tag you got to have one HE,s right
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    He still has to have proof of ownership for the vessel.
    He'll get a ticket when the addresses dont match.

    Dont worry about him. While you are fishing he'll paying fines and court costs.
    You cant tell some people anythig, you have to show them.
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    He needs to do it right, It will cost him dearly when he is caught. Notice, I did not say IF.
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    The warden will see his boat to many times over a certin time peroid and he will pay. All license drivers, fishing, boat, and trailer should match, or else.
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    Then...does his Resident or Non Resident fishing license match up with his Drivers license and his boat regerstration??? They better ALL match or he is going to explain to the Judge why they dont!!! Texas if your vehicle is out of reg. 30 days and they stop you...$275.00 plus the reg. fee.:eek:h:

    In any's theft from everyone who does pay the proper fees!!:sure:
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    I have a neighbor that is trying to do the same thing. He has a motorcycle registered in New Jersey, two jet ski's registered in Jersey, one that is registered in Virginia and sits on a trailer registered in Maryland, and he pulls them with a truck with FARM VEHICLE tags although he owns less than a half acre of land. All of these are garaged in a county he doesn't live in and has no county stickers for.
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    I don't understand all the problem anyway, the tags are only about $20.00 or so depending on the empty weight of his trailer. Here in Ohio all you have to do is weigh the trailer to get tags. The tags are a lot less money then the fine will be when he gets caught and he will because the DNR does spot checks at boat ramps sometimes.
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    Don't be cheap...trailer tags are not that expensive...allot cheaper than a ticket.