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    My dad just recently got a newer and nicer and much bigger boat than what he previously had and I'm helping him rig it up. I'm mainly a strait up trophy catfisherman, but my Dad likes to fish for different kinds of fish year round during certain species peak fishing periods. Which I also like to do occasionally. Our main target will be catfish and crappie. While I've been looking at different rod holders I ran across the Driftmaster Duo rod holders. I believe these would work great for both crappie and catfish. You can set the rods in the holders at either 0 degrees for crappie trolling or 30 degrees for anchored off catfishing. If any of you have these could you please give me a review. My main concern would be if the 30 degree would be steep enough for the catfish rods. If I'm correct I believe alot of you use the 45 degree rod holders. Any info on these or other ideas appreciated!
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    I've got the pro duos on mine as I also crappie fish. The 30s will be plenty in my opinion!