Boat Ramps KC and downriver?

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by argel41, May 24, 2007.

  1. argel41

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    I tried to put in Tuesday at LaBenite and it was closed, so I drove down to Coolie Lake and it was closed. Can someone tell me of the ramp at Parkville is open and the one in river front park in KC? Also, I was talking to a guy at the lake the other day and he said there was a ramp almost under the Chathoe (sp?) bridge, does anyone else know about this one? thanks, I appriciate any info anyone can give...
  2. Mr.T

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    LaBenite is supposed to be open by the weekend. Call the Sugar Creek Police Dept's non-emergency line to find out whether it's open or not. I've called several times in the last week.

    No idea when Cooley Lake might re-open - it's a conservation dept. ramp so I suppose it might take a while for them to get to it.

    Kaw Point is open for certain, though someone said the fire department would be using the ramp on and off this week for training purposes, so you might be delayed in launching.

    There's no other boat ramp near the Choteau Bridge except at Riverfront Park. I haven't heard whether the ramp is open - suppose you could call KC Parks & Recreation to find out.

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    East of KC
    I called Pat's Boats in Lexington last weekend to see if the ramp was open (they were the only phone number I knew in Lexington and figured they might know :big_smile:)and they said it would probably be July before the ramp opened there. Haven't been there to check it myself, but from what the guy there said the entire parking lot was still full of driftwood and the road to the ramp was closed. Again, haven't verified it myself and that was last weekend.
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    I talked to the road department in lexington today and they said the ramp would be open by this weekend.
  5. worm

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    waverlys ramp are open might still be a little sandy if she is still fallen. My buddy cleaned them the other day with his bobcat.