Boat ramp mishap

Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by Wooly, Jan 18, 2007.

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    Hi! I'm new to the forum.
    I need to get some posts so I thought I tell you about an incident.

    Well being a first time real boat owner I have never really delt with winter draw down on a lake. I have been fishing a 140 acre state park lake which has a resturant overlooking the ramp and dock. As usual I'm backing down the ramp keeping an eye on the edge of the water in relationship to my truck tire. I hit the brakes once trying to get my 16 ft. to slide off enough to float. No luck. I pulled up a bit backed down closer to the water before hitting the brakes.
    What I didn't realize was that the trailer wheels had dropped of the ramp. With my boat floating and still teathered to the trailer I started to pull forward. Well something didn't feel right so I gave the truck some more gas. All of the second the back tires broke loose and the truck slid sideways. I had to put it four wheel drive to get the trailer out of the water. Remember the teather? My boat lunged forward and hits the ramp. By this time I'm telling myself what an idiot I am. Then I think about the resturant and the dinner show I'm giving them.
    Well, I wasted no time in getting the boat tied to the dock and the trailer parked.From now on during drawdown I'm pushing the boat off the trailer!

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    Welcome Lynne, to the Boc brother.

    Sounds like you had a bit of problems. That's ok, It gets

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    Wooley Welcome to the BOC. Don't feel bad at one time or the other most of us have had some embarrassing situtations. I look forward to your future post.:lol:
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    You want to talk about a show! Try backing a boat down the ramp with a 32 foot motor coach. Couldn't even see the boat until it was too late. I won't tell you how many tries it took!! Thanks for sharing your mishap!
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    on sunday afternoon in the summer the best place to be is in a lawn chair at a busy boat ramp with a 12 pack of your favorite drinks. no better place to be to watch what we all have done and more. you always hope no one sees it if it is you.
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    i have had more problems endin the day at the ramp by myself , rather than launchin.

    I remember once this summer when a pretty strong thunderstorm kicked up. It had been rainin for a while but the wind kicked up and then i could hear thunder in the distance...TIME TO GO! :angry:

    By the time i got to the ramp there was lightnin in the i was kinda freakin out bout that :eek:oooh: . Unbeknownst to me, the current in the river had picked up significantly as well....guessing they had started releasin water from the dam upstream.

    I simply could not get the boat trailered by myself. The current and wind kept pushin the boat sideways. FOrtuantely, a couple other boaters had arrived just after i did....and pitched in and helped me get the boat trailered....was a miserable experience.
    I got a pretty good gash on my leg at some point...didn't notice it for a while...then after i got the boat off the ramp and was tying it down i felt a bit of pain and saw a lot of blood runnin down my leg...still don't know what happened..prolly from the trailer.

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    Manually pushing the boat is the only safe way.Oil or mud on the ramp can put your truck off the ramp.The rope can hang,jerking the boat back to strike the trailer.That "Flying Launch"may look cool,but sooner or latter you run into trouble.Now it do seem to impress some,but not only can it damage your equipment,it can hurt or kill someone close by when something goes wrong.You are lucky that you didn;t pull your wheels off of your trailer frame.I Would check your trailer out good for possible damage.We all do these things.It is called "Experience" if you learned something.If you didn;t learn anything and do it again,it is called "Stupidity".We pool our knowledge on here so that we can all learn from each other.It saves a lot of "learning things the hard way".I love you brothers and sisters.peewee
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    Welcome to the BOC Lynn, thanks for the story and it was nice of you to liven a probably otherwise boring lunch for those folks. Those drops can cause lots of problems. Again, Welcome Brother.
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    Luckily that has not happened to me...yet! I have seen it happen to others though.
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    Welcome hang in there it only gets better from here on out!
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    Wooly, welcome to BOC!
    That was quite an experience, thanks for sharing... it might save someone the same.
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    Like PeeWee said , if you dont like the axle, wheels, and tires on your boat trailer that is the best way to get rid of them.
    I would inspect that trailer good and particularly look for any signs that the axle has moved. A slightly crooked axle can cause additional problems like excessive tire wear.
    Sounds like you were a whole luckier then folks I've seen that horsed their trailer back up onto concrete.:smile2:
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    we were sittin n eatin breakfast at a marina at lake Conroe several years back and a couple launched a fish/ski boat the guy did a good job of gettin it in the water and the lady took over with the line, she walked the boat to the dock and just put one foot on it to wait for the guy to park, at this time i should tell you she was very atracktive n weari a bikini, there was a slight cross wind goin on n the boat driffted away from her , the legs did a split n the lower half of the bikini went to the northern regions of , well you know. she did get wet when she fell but did gain a standing ovation from all the male members at the marina. oh she never lost the boat. :big_smile:
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    I don't trust the "flying launch". Years ago as I was getting ready to come out for the day I was watching a guy do that and his rope broke. His boat headed out towards the center of the arm. If I hadn't been there he woulda done a lot of swimming!:big_smile:
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    Some of the best fights I have ever seen, has been at a public boat ramp, at the end of the day. Man you could sell tickets to these events and make some good money at, and have a good laugh. I have heard cuss words that I didn't know were words.
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    welcome to the BOC wooly

    dont feel bad bout your mishap one day last summer when trying to launch my boat alone on the ohio river out of vevay indiana i kept backing up watching out the back window of the truck for my boat to float when it did i opened the door of the truck and water rushed in :lol: i ended up launching at craigs creek ky which was up river 20 miles
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    Hey Lynnn. We all have our bad days, but it sounds like yours was worse than any i've had in a long time. How can you possibly forget your treasure {boat} was still tied to the back of the truck?!!!
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    Welcome to the BOC Lynn That goes with fishing I sure have pulled my share of them
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    here's my stupid dumb B@$$ story on the ramp.. bought an old speed boat, a 1952 fiberglass waterloged pos 20' long powerd by a trolling motor.. we had it out a few times without incident other than trying to load it. we left about 3 pm on the way there my front left brake caliper started hanging up. we were almost there so we decided to go on and let it cool off while we were fishing. went to back down the ramp and the winch wasnt locked. my fault. i got it started down the ramp got ut and had my girlfreind back it the rest of the way in. i got in the boat and she started backing down the ramp. realized i forgot the plug. so with my stepson in the boat i told him to tell her to stop and drop to the floor and stick the plug in. i start to get up and we are still moving. i start yelling stop but she already did. about that time i here a loud thump! it was the boat rolling off the trailer and onto the ramp abou 3' short of the water. then the park ranger's drive by. with big smiles on there faces. the stop and try to help push it into the water but it wouldnt budge so i had to unhook the trailer and push into the lake. remeber the sticky caliper? by this time it was hot and locked up tight so not only the embarresment of the boat drydocked on the ramp but my truck doesnt want to move! so while we let the brakes cool they decied to inspect the boat, luckly we were leagle just not in the water!
    any way we pushed it into the water and trolle around for a while to let the brakes cool off enough to make it home. the boat is abandoned in my back yard laying upside down. if anyone wants to come get it its FREE!!
    thanks for taking time too read this i'm sure you got a good lagh out of it.:0a17: