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    i'm not sure this is a very good title since a LOT of people who go to point park ramp here in carrollton don't seem to have any manners at all. we went out in the big boat yesterday and while we enjoyed the time out on the water (even though no fish wanted to play with us) the going out and coming in were frustrating to say the least. there is a pontoon around here who's people act like the courtesy dock at the park is their own personal dock. they will tie up to it for the entire day (sometimes into the night and/or next day too). they will swim all around their boat and the dock even while others are trying to get their boat to the dock. no concern what-so-ever for others. one day, they even left their towels and purses strewn all across the dock while they were in the water swimming. after almost tripping on 1 purse, i seriously considered throwing it in the water and if they said anything, just tell them i was sorry, thought they asking me to hand it to them.

    anyway, yesterday they were tied to the dock when we went to launch. well, the boat was, no sign of the people. just left their boat there for everyone else to get around the best they could. just ticked me off right from the start.

    when we were coming back in, there was starting to be a line, 1 boat was justed loaded, another had dropped their people and 1 guy took it back to the water to await his trailer. there is a crowd of a couple dozen mexicans (not sure what the politically correct tem is so sorry if i offend anyone) on the dock and a little open bow boat with at least 8-10 more in it. no way could this boat have been rated for more than 6 people max. they almost hit 2 different boats speeding around the area. then they'd pull to the dock, unload and take in a different group (which sometimes took a while since they had to switch pfd's as they switched kids (i DO applaud them for making sure all kids were jacketed before going on the boat). as we head to the dock a jet ski zips in and gets at the center of the dock. since the big boat is a little difficult to dock smoothly we were heading over towards the dock slowly so as to pull in as the jetski pulled away. well, we watch as the woman and kid get off, then man gets on and they put kid back on. the woman just plops her big butt down on the dock to wait for them. as we are getting closer i notice this pontoon with about 12-14 people on it heading to the dock and since they didn't mind going into the dock head on they just pull right up and unload the whole crowd and tie back up.

    so here we are coming up to the dock..... 4 people from the boat that is now loading are sitting on the end of the dock with their feet/legs haning down right where we need to pull into. the pontoon at the other end with12-14 people out milling around, the couple dozen mexicans milling around and the woman sitting in the middle of the dock towards the edge on the river side. poor lee trying to watch how far the front of the boat was from the pontoon and getting the stern close enough for me to step out and not break anyone's legs cause those fools were still sitting there watching the boat getting closer to their legs. i made some rather load comments about broken legs and it wouldn't be our fault and they finally did stand up. we finally get close enough for me to step over and the woman got smart enough to roll to the other side of the dock so i wouldn't step on her. i step off, then push the boat off so lee can circle while i get the truck. well, if getting TO the dock wasn't fun enough, i then realized that i had to make my way through close to 4 dozen people milling around/talking all over the dock. bet i had to say "excuse me please" at least 100 time before i managed to hit the ground. almost got knocked in the water twice before i made it.

    anyway, sorry for ranting like this but it is just bugging the bejabbers out of me :angry: i have made up a flyer with ky regs on ramps and courtesy docks that i am going to print and post on the sign it took the city 11 months from approval to posting that fishing and swimming aren't allowed at the ramp and dock. doubt it will do anygood, but maybe somebody will read it and learn something they hadn't thought about.

    ya'll have a good one,
    pam & lee
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    Pam and Lee, I'm just a state away living in central Ohio. I'm sad to say what had to tolerate is now the common practice for probably all waterways everywhere. Even on the small waterways of central Ohio this is also the same.When on Lake Erie these same problems are even magnified to the max. It seems when many people get behind the wheel of a boat and even a car all intelligence disappears. Just maybe many of these people have always been a few oars short to start with. Being members of such a fine organization the ( BOC) , posts like yours will force us all to remember how important it is for us to set an example for all around us on the water. While this may just be a pipe dream it may eventually help. Like must things in life it starts at home and then goes on from there.I know it's a hard job ,but someone has to do it. Continue to enjoy yourself on the water, and try to tolerate those that are mentally challenged behind the wheel.

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    It all disappeared the day folks quit feelin "shame". I suppose some folks just weren't raised the same.

    Pam, your quite welcome to rant a bit now an then, it's good for ya.

    BIG GEORGE New Member


    1) Cut the ropes on the big pontoon next time it is docked there unattended.

    2) When you see the mexicans again just scream at the top of your lungs, "IMMIGRATION" and watch them scatter like roaches.

    3) Dock your boat and break as many legs as possible.


    As far as you ventin goes. Let it rip! No apology needed. LOL!
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    I like George's answer!!
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    Big George for President!

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    I agree that its the same all over, even way down here in Georgia the problems are the same. And it's a real shame.
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    Get Ur Done George,the first time. I like that answer.
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    I would have lost my mind if I pulled up to a boat dock and people were doing that kinda thing. I probably would've done the same thing that Big George said. Yes, print the flyers and post them all over the place. If they still don't follow the rules, call the cops, DNR or immigration..LOL!! I got no problem with mexicans in general, just the illegal ones. Usually when there are that many around it means they all live in the same house and all but one or two are illegal. No need to apologize for the rant. I have a huge rant I need to get off my chest right now, but it's not fishing related
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    I like the cutting of the ropes, sounds like something i would do. Years ago we were fishing a bass tourn and some jackleg put in one of those jet skis and left his truck at the boat ramp. Well you can guess what a bunch of redneck bassers done. Hitched the biggest truck to it and pulled it right out of the way with a logging chain. Now at 36 and born again i might approach it a little different, maybe.... But as far as the people on the dock i'd probably hollar a bit and tell them the proper dock usage. But feel free to vent on us all you want they say ever now and again it is healthy.
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    Made the mistake of taking my boat out Memorial Weekend to fish. Never again. You story is Deja Vu.
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    I don't do much boating but, I have seen the same things over and over. I think that George hit it on the head though. Hmm... that might work too. Hit them on the head, try to knock some sense into them.:wink:
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    I would have freaked out on them. I applaud you for your control, I know I would have lost it. I have only had my boat for about a month now and have had it out bout 10 times since. But I have been lucky at the ramps with very courteous people so far. I even had one guy ask if I wanted him to back my trailer in since I was unloading by myself. We will see what happens if I go out labor day though when the crazies are sure to come out.

    Not to hijack your thread.. but what is the protocol with a dual ramp? Is it OK to to back in and unload while someone else is unloading? I backed up to the ramp and waited while the other truck backed in and unload since he was there first. I didn't want to chance one of our boats drifting into the other or hitting each other trying to pull over to the courtesy dock.
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    I fish a couple of ramps that are several boats wide. On a double I will back in beside him if there's room. Always seemed to get along OK.
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    Only thing I can tell ya about double ramps is you might wanna keep an eye on the other fella at the ramp & evaluate his abilities before you back alongside him. Never know what kinda ya-hoo you might back your new boat down next to. I've seen some pretty stupid people (also some extremely drunk people) at boat ramps, and I've seen more than one boat messed up at the ramp by incompetent people.
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    I got just enough coona$$ in me to be a registered redneck. I have come on into a dock full of young people, blowing my horn and waving for the people to clear the dock. When I did it last, fishing rods were flying, chairs and tackleboxes were turned over and three people jumped off the other side of the dock. :ah:

    One of the older teenagers confronted me, but sensing that I was not gonna take any BS, left the courtesy dock. The dock has signs prohibiting fishing and swimming.

    Courtesy docks are built and maintained for boats, not fishermen.
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    im with katfshn50. you would probably only have to do it one time to get your point across
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    thanks for all the replies ya'll. seems most of you agree with what Lee wants to do. i told him to at least untie the ropes instead of cutting them. they cost money.

    we have only been boaters since april this year. we have even gone out on holidays and not had the trouble we did this time. usually just have to wait for people to gather up little kids they let swim at the bottom of the ramp. barefoot. with all the broken glass. 1 time we had to wait about 10 minutes for 2 families to gather out kids and load up strollers. then after i parked the truck and went to the dock to get on the boat i had to wait for a guy flyfishing on from the dock to notice i was in the same universe as him.

    i am VERY NON-confrontational. that may be part of why i deal with clinical depression. anger turned inward and anger without enthusiasm and all that stuff. :roll_eyes: Lee will let loose with good rants directed at/to the people causing it. i've never been able to do that.

    while i love to be ON the water, or BY the water, i HATE being IN the water and getting almost knocked in 3 times in the same trip down the dock was a bit much.

    well, back to news watching. waiting for bodies to be found and miners to be proven alive (i hope) and whatever else the world comes up with to show how screwed up it is now.

    ya'll have a good one
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    Yep that would teach them a few things real fast. LOL
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    A guy I know had a similar situation and mouthed off a little too much and got his tires slashed. In today's world, you have to be careful what you say to some people.