Boat ramp location for Truman Lake

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    This saturday will be my 1st trip fishing truman I know where the dam is
    Is there a boat ramp close to the dam area. Im pretty new to this catfishing thing what do i need to look for to find some cats will they be shallow or deep any help would be great.I went to the lake of the ozarks yesterday and could not find 1 cat i tried shallow all the way up to 440 ft deep and nothing.
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    Shawnee Bend boat ramp is at the west end of the dam.

    But that puts you right at the lower end of the lake, which isn't where the cats are likely to be. This time of year, I'd expect to find them farther upstream, looking for warm water to spawn in. The lake warms up sooner at the upper end than the lower end.

    Personally, I think I'd go over to Talley Bend and try my luck.From Warsaw, take 7 hwy west to Clinton, then 13 hwy south to Lowry City. Then east on County Rd C to the ramp. There are signs on 13 hwy.

    If you don't have a topographic map of the lake, stop at Wally World in Warsaw and get one - there's a map for the north and south half of the lakes; Talley Bend is in the south half I believe.

    I haven't heard of anyone doing any good on catfish anywhere on the lake, so don't be surprised if you come up empty no matter where you fish... Especially with the cold weather coming in tonight and the rest of the week...

    Edit --- you can find maps of the lake here: