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    Travelers Rest,
    Good news.....I've just about got the wife talked into a boat. Now, I've got a question that some of you BOC elders may be able to answer. I've been looking at a SeaArk Big Daddy SC. Since I've seen SeaArk's logo on the home page, I'm wondering if there's some kind of discount for BOC members. It would be nice, but if there isn't, that's cool too. If somebody knows, let me know....BTW, the salesman at the boat dealer has heard of the BOC and is very interested in becoming a member. Recruiting, baby....Always recruiting.
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    I don't know about the disc ,but good luck in getting a boat shop around because Lowes roughneck is a good boat also

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    travelers rest,s.c.
    matt i have a seaark rivercat classic and i dont know of any discounts but i dont know not blind to any manifactor cause they all make pretty good products these days,however seaark is the only one for me.hard to beat their warrenty and coustmer support.yes they are higher cost than the others but they will last.i bought mine for my 60th bday(from me to me) and i hope it will last me to the end.get what you want when you spend the money cause after you got it to late to start changing your mind.i believe you would be happy with the ark i know i am.good luck