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    Ok guys. Here it is. I have a project I would like to start this winter to pass the months by. (Although I will still be fishin :wink:). But I would like to start getting ideas from all my Brothers here on the BOC. I have read some of the posts on the main page about boat improvement. But of course all posts will be appreciated. I have a 16 ft semiV aluminum boat. I will be putting my 25hp nissan on this boat. There will be no steering wheel. I already have the boat totally gutted. So starting off with the frame will be easier. I want to add a platform in the front with maybe 2 storage areas, 1 being a livewell. On the back, I will be purchasing some good rod holders (driftmaster) 4 of them to be attached to a metal beam of some type up higher. Here are my questions:

    1) What kind of metal/wood should I use to build the platform? I have access to a welder, so metal will be ok. Definitely would like to keep it light (aluminum) or whatever.

    2) What is a good idea for a rod holder beam? Angle iron, square tubing, wood, etc.?

    3) Rivets, welds, or bolts to connect stuff?

    4) Any pics or diagrams I will read with enthusiasm! :wink:

    5) Lastly, how high should i put the rod holder beam above the motor?

    Thank you all. Talk amongst yourselves. I am getting forcleft!
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    You need to keep the decking as light as possible.I would try and score some sheet aluminum.You can rivet these no problem and it will last a long time.Then you can use the spray or roll on bedliner material for a great non slip look.There are several good posts about the rod holder support beams on here.You can make a quality one from square tubing , that will be a great support for the rod holders.On the rod holders I would suggest the monster rod holders over the driftmasters.Steve is coming out with a new triple play that will let you set your rods at 0,33 ,and 45 degrees.They are about the same price and they are strong enough for anything.This way your rods will be set at the optimum position depending on the style fishing and the wind conditions.If you mostly drift and tightline the DA model will work.He also makes them in 0/33 and a 33/45 degree holder.On the rod holders and the support a bolted or pinned system is best.As far as height goes mount it as low as possible to not interfere whith the motor , but not so low as it is a pain in the back to use.Just check out all the users rigs on here for ideas.Good luck
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