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Discussion in 'Boating' started by shingman6, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. shingman6

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    South Carolini
    I have a 14ft john boat but am thinking of getting a pontoon later on in the year what kind and any special setup would you do to it?
  2. Bubbakat

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    Get you a toon and stand on the deck and look around it and say to your self. I want this here and that there. That is the way I did it and it has worked out pretty well.
    You most definitely want a grill on it for those afternoon or late night meals.
    I put a stainless steel one on mine. You can find them at lowe's

  3. Ed Lacy

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    Modesto, Ca
    Take a look at some of the others who have them. See what you like and use the ideas you think would work on your own.
  4. shingman6

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    South Carolini
    Thanks very much!
  5. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    Some folks love 'toons, and some really don't care for fishing out of them. Personal choice. Personally, I like being closer to the water; with a 'toon you're going to be several feet above it. And IMO, you're going to need several people along for each fishing trip. Someone's going to be tied up operating it; someone's going to be handling the rod, fighting a big fish (hopefully); so someone's going to have to handle the net. My recommendation is to find someone with a 'toon and go fishing on it a couple or three times to see how you like it. As I said, there are some folks who wouldn't want anything else to fish from.
  6. vfourmax

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    I have owned quite a few boats over the years including ski-runabouts, high horsepower bass rigs, plain jain jons, aluminum bass rigs and a pontoon. Each boat has their strong and weak points. As I have grown a little older the higher speeds are not as important to me as they once were and with the cost of fuel in todays economy I do not mind trading some MPH for economy. I currently have a Lowe 17.5 aluminum bass rig with a 50 evinrude and that boat will run mid, upper 30's with two people and gear aboard and it really is a fuel miser and so easy to tow with just about anything.
    I plan on getting another toon within the next year or so as that was one boat that I really enjoyed the relaxing aspect of the one I owned prior. As stated earlier the use of the boat dictates so much as to what works best but the toon is awesome if you want to take out friends and family for a day on the lake and as far as catfishing at night at anchor sure is nice to have so much room to be able move and lounge around on a long night of fishing.
    I will probably be looking for about a 24' with 60 to 70 hp. I will try to find something the factory furniture/carpet is trashed on and like so many others will use foldable deck chairs and either install aluminum decking or a marine grade vinyl for hassle free clean up. Another big plus on a toon is the option of a camper type of enclosure that has the ability with a small heater to greatly extend the years fishing season in comfort!
    Each person has their own desires and needs and that why there is no perfect 1 boat! When I get my pontoon I will keep my aluminum bass rig also as it fills many situations much better than a toon would be able to!
  7. Old Bill

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    I owned a 20' Bass Buggy pontoon boat with a 50 HP Yamaha 2-stroke motor.

    One of the best boats and motors I have ever owned. It was so comfortable. You could move around easily, fish from several seats or positions, and raid the ice chest at will! You can even have a Porta-Potty for the ladies! Which, in case you don't already know, is the one item most ladies want on board!

    My wife and I used our pontoon boat for over 15 years, and did all types of fishing with it. To run jug lines easily it did take two people. One to operate the motor and one to pull jug lines. You can run jug lines with only one persom, but it is not near as easy in a windy lake.

    We tried only once to run a trotline! Since we did everything wrong it was a disaster! It is truely amazing how much force a 20 MPH wind can apply to the side of a pontoon boat! And, if a stupid person (me!) tries to run the trotline on the up wind side...the trotline can be dragged across the boat!!:sad2:

    My wife said never again with her on the boat!

    However, I have a friend who runs nothing but trotlines with his pontoon boat, and he has great success. He does always have one or two people on board to help run and bait the lines.

    My wife is now in ill health, and has lost all interest in fishing, so I sold the boat two years ago. But, if conditions were otherwise I'd have another pontoon boat in a minute!

    I agree that you should go out in a pontoon boat and see how well it suits your needs. That is what I did...and I ended up buying a pontoon boat.

    Old Bill
  8. killentime99

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    north carolina
    ive always had bass boats till my daughter was born. then decided to go
    with a pontoon. bought a 24 ft with a 50hp gutted all the furniture but
    the captains chair and console mounted rod holders all over boat. We use
    fold out chairs installed livewell. Have fished out of it for 5 years and love it.
    When I first bought it I had lots of trouble loading it, so I added some rollers on the trailer to help guide boat on and it works great I can now drive on
    trailer and strap down by myself quickly. I added a 24v trolling motor this
    year with remote so i can work it from anywhere in the boat.