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  1. catfishcrazyjr

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    i am lookin for a small motor 10 to 30 hp for a 16' v bottem anyone know where i can find a good used one here in oklahoma?
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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Of course it's just an opinion, but I think you can find a very reasonably priced (cheap) outboard motor on ebay. When you sign-on to ebay, click the "buy" button and type "outboard motor" in the search field. After you do the first click, it's gonna bring up a bunch of motors. What I would do then is scroll down the page watching the left margin for search options. I set mine for "US Only" and payment via paypal. Then I scroll on down and click on the search button. I did this at I wasy typing these instructions and it found 1,480 motors before I restricted it to within 200 miles of my home, where it found nine listings. I set it for 500 miles from my home and it found 74 motors. You can keep adjusting these search criteria as far as distance and price goes until you find what you want or you give up. lol

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    I have one for sale Jeremy. Send me a PM and I will give you the details.

    Dave Frantz