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    I have a mercury 50hp OutBoard not sure what year it is the ser-number is 6059908. it will not start I check the firing to the plugs ok clean the carb ( took them apart ) what i didn"t under stand is the timing . I set the timing markes two or three times trying to get number 1 piston at the top the number 1 piston would be at the bottom of the cylinder . thank you for taking the time to help me in my probblem terry ,
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    Terry, your best bet is to buy a manual that explains the timing. I'm an OMC guy myself and on those at least the timing pointer is adjustable. If Merc's set like OMCs do you'll need to set the #1 piston at TDC, then check your timing mark to make sure it lines with the TDC mark on your flywheel. If the pointer does not align with the mark, you'll need to set #1 at TDC then adjust your timing pointer to the mark. After that, you need to check your WOT timing.

    Are you sure that the timing needs set? Unless the pointer has been moved or the flywheel removed, I can't really see it coming out of time. Have you checked the firing order to make sure you're actually looking at #1? If nothing has been taken apart, it sounds to me like you're calling the wrong cylinder #1.