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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by cliff n york, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. cliff n york

    cliff n york New Member

    south carolina
    i will get a large river boat this summer ,and i need to seclect a motor for it but im confused as to which type to get, 2 stroke are 4 ?
  2. crome

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    i like my 4 stroke,just the fact of not having to keep or add oil for the gas was a plus to me

  3. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    Just a few things to look at.
    Do you like the ideal of a motor that will get better MPG?
    Do you like a quite motor?
    I can 't pick a motor for you. But I don't know if I will ever have a 2 stroke again. That is unless its an E-Tec.
    Other then that. 4-stroke all the way. Great full millage as long as you don't under power the boat.
    I have a 140 Suzuki 4-stroke on a 2072 boat. Its rated for a 150. I can run at 4000 RPM and its rated for 6200 and it does not burn much fuel and quite.Also Fuel injected Just turn the switch and start the motor like you would your car.
  4. craigr

    craigr New Member

    I've owned both. I now have a 115hp Yamaha & I love it!

    Soooo quiet, MUCH better gas mileage, fuel injected - I would never go back.

  5. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    i have a 175 mercury 2 stroke and it will put a sad face on you at the gas pump. another thing that two stroke oil is not cheap anymore. i just filled my oil tank this week and it took 40.00 bucks to do that. i like the merc. but i would go 4 stroke. i was talking to bass fisherman a while back at the lake. he had a 250hp verado and i could not even hear it running while i was talking to him from 30ft away. i just saw smoke and that was cool to me.
  6. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    There are myths and facts attached to both.Fuel efficiency is generally better certainly in comparison to older carb versions of the 2 stroke.However in test after test the Optimax,and Etec 2 strokers are just as and in some cases more efficient than the 4 strokes.Depends on how you operate them.2s have more low end torque and give a better hole shot.4s are far quieter with less emissions.Mercury has put all its eggs in the Verado basket and quite frankly although most companies will keep 2s as their cheaper line of engines the future belongs to the 4s.I would go to Trailer Boats magazines website and research all their recent engine test articles before making a decision.:smile2:
  7. solomon

    solomon New Member

    The four strokes are nice engines, but like Jim said, research it. The direct injected 2 strokes that are out are good too. I've got one and I love it.
  8. zappaf19

    zappaf19 New Member

    4s are much heaver and require much more maintance with a break in period. If I were to buy a new motor I would go with the new Evenrude or Yammy 2 stroker.
  9. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Have you actually compared the weights of 2 and 4 stroke engines of the same horsepower?

    The weight issue is mostly a myth. Sure, a 4 stroke is a little bit heavier than an equivalent 2 stroke but not by much. Maybe there's more of a difference in the high-horsepower motors, but not in the low to midrange models. The 115 hp 4-stroke Yamaha on my boat is less than 50 lbs heavier than the Yamaha 115hp 2-stroke.

    Again, not really true. You need to be careful for the first 10 hours or so, to give the piston rings a chance to seat properly but it's not much different than a 2-stroke. In fact, the brea-in procedure on Yamaha engines is almost identical between 2 and 4 stroke (Yamaha operation manuals are available online so I compared the procedures of both -- in fact, I think the 2-stroke procedure is actually more involved, requiring a lot more throttle jockeying)

    If changing the crankcase oil at 10 hours and then every 100 hours is "much more maintenance" then maybe you're right. But in my book, it's trivial -- especially when compared to the savings in 2-stroke oil.