Boat Motor/Tenn. Regulations....Need Info Please.

Discussion in 'Boating' started by punkin570, May 27, 2007.

  1. punkin570

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    have a ?......What is the legal maximum boat motor size for a 14' aluminum fishin boat w/40"bottom and livewell in the state of Tenn? If someone can provide me with a link of where to find this in the regulations books or somethin i would be very grateful.
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    West Tn
    punkin A better question is... What is legal in your home state..
    Tn goes by what the tag states on the boat. Or By Coastguard rules.
    So if your legal in Ms, Your legal in Tn.
    But being only 40" in the bottom The ones like that that I have had. And seen around a 15 Hp motor.

    PS you do know you can fish all of the Tn part of Pickwick lake on your MS license.

  3. smhmc6

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    If you know who made your boat, you can go to the company's website and find specifications. Each one is different but I think from what I've seen from shopping around, most 14' jon boats are between 10 and 15 hp. I think it kinda depends on the gage and welded/riveted. Anyway... go to the company website and find the size and model you are talking about, then its easy to find the max. hp. Hope this helped.
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    Punkin as someone said check with the manufactor of the boat they are different. I had a Dura Craft rated for a thenty some times there will be a tag inside the boat telling about the amount of weight and abount of persons and gear along with horse power on the tag.......John