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Boat/Motor Hp ratings

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I have a few questions......I have a 73 winner fishing boat with a locked up 50 Hp Johnson motor. The Hp rating is 65 hsp on the plate on the back of the boat. I have a much newer 90 Hp Mercury I would just love to put on this boat but I know I shouldn't because of the Hp rating on the plate. I have seen a ton of boats just like mine,same year and size, with much larger motors (150 range)than 90 Hp. Here's the questions............Are these people ignoring the plates on their boats and putting bigger motors on them? Are you allowed to go a little bigger on the motor than what the plate states? I'm not one for doing anything wrong.......or stupid for that matter and any advise would be appreciated.
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Those data plates are put on according to the strength of the transom and hull displacement. I would no recommend putting that much horse power on that boat. It will eventually rip the boat apart. If you were to have an accident and a person or person sue's you and that came out in a trial you would loose everything you have from gross negligence.
Not only what bubbacat said but if you ever plan on tourny fishing, some tournies state as a rule the motor cant be larger than what is stated on that plate. but I dont think I would do it either way.
In Oklahoma, if the Lake Patrol (a branch of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol) stops you for a registration/life vest check, and your motor is larger than what is allowed by the data plate, you will be escorted to the nearest boat ramp and issued a citation. They do take overpowering seriously here.
another thing to think about is the fact that the older motors are rated at the motor or top end while the newer motors are rated at the prop.i had an older pro craft that was rated for a 130 and i put a new 120 merc.on it and couldnt run the motor in the rpms the motor company recomended cause the boat would go airborne.
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