Boat Lights - Configuration?

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Which configuration would you recommend?

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  1. SmokinBarrel

    SmokinBarrel New Member

    St. Louis, MO
    My next project will be boat lights, for working with hooks, line, removing hooks from fish, and spotlights for assistance at the ramp loading, buoy markers and sandbars.

    My thoughts:
    I am considering in order for night vision purposes, blue, green, red. Also, the blue will look good when I have the boat out for pleasure or recreational purposes.

    See attached configurations....

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  2. etexun

    etexun New Member

    Texas (Nea
    I like (B), I like that it gives you a transition from the brighter white to the blue. With the blues being the primary light source in the main area.
    I put a white light under the front of both seats on my boat. I have thinking of adding some blue LED's. Then using the white lights for when you just need more light.
    Best of luck with your decision and project.

  3. driftin blues

    driftin blues New Member

    Don't know about your light configurations but did you ever decide on a anchor setup? I hope you didn't dog up the front of that beauty with a big old anchor roller setup. Are you coming to the Shootout this weekend? I would love to see that fine boat of yours in person. Good fishing!
  4. AwShucks

    AwShucks New Member

    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Whichever way you decide to go, remember the red, green and white navigation lights required on your boat by USCG regulations and/or state law. I don't believe your supposed to mount any lights which MAY interefere with these reqkuired lights. If they are below the gunwale your probably okay. If you mount headlights to the boat, in my opinion your just whistling dixie as those lights will seldom be pointed where you need to look. It would be best to use a hand held spot light for that application. You boat may look good at night, but how safe will the boat be?
  5. Bill in SC

    Bill in SC New Member

    South Caro
    reqkuired? I've seen some weird spellings here, but this one tops them all!! Reps to ya, Lawrence!

    Bill in SC
  6. AwShucks

    AwShucks New Member

    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Yep, that is a pretty good word. LOL My iespell seems to have quit working and although I have downloaded the newest version, it, alas, is not working either. Darn software.
  7. joer

    joer New Member

    Dennis I've tried the white lights and did not like them due to eye fatigue and that they attract bugs. I am currently using all red l.e.d.s. mounted under the gunnels and they are great for night vision! FYI 'skipeye' has the instructions on how to set it up in the user's library.

    Good luck to ya!
  8. Iowa_Josh

    Iowa_Josh New Member

    Central Iowa
    I tried a couple of green ones. Just taped them down to see how well they worked. There was a cloud of little bugs and they did kill my night vision. It wasn't a real dark green, more like the green in the smiley here :wink:

    I'm gonna try all red.

    I got them from a site called ozium. They were quite reasonable.
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