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    14 foot riveted jonboat. noticed some rivets have been replaced with bolts and nuts. should i spray bedliner on the bottom to seal it, and will that work? or should i knock all the bolts and rivets out and weld alluminum bars across the bottom, or should i use jb weld and if i use that how can i get around the bolts, they stick out about a half inch under the boat. please help.
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    Get rid of the bolts. They could have an adverse effect on the aluminium. I'd try and get some more rivets that it was made with and replace the bolts. You may talk to your local high school mechanical arts teacher and see if they will take this on as a project so the kids can learn how to work with aluminum and rivets. All you have to supply is the rivets. If you do have to use bolts, use stainless steel on the aluminum boat. JB Weld may work as far as stopping the leak, but I don't think it will replace the bolt.

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    i would not trust JB weld to hold up for as long as you would like. Dont get me wrong, JB weld has gotten me out of some tight spots, but it shouldnt be used as a permanant fix on a boat IMHO. i would go with replacing the bolts with rivets.
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    i think that Rhino Lining the inside would work, but im not for sure, as a dealer if it will work, and if they can guarantee it
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    As stated earlier replace bolts with aluminum rivets or stainless machine screws. Remaining rivets can be tightened by holding hammer against rivet on the outside of boat, then with another hammer hit same rivet with enough force to make it expand and fill the space around it. Tip: use a larger hammer as the anvil and smaller hammer to strike with.
    If you use machine screws use a neoprene washer so it will seal. Bed liners do a good job of sealing a boat but add a lot of weight and if place on the outside create a lot of drag.

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    If your luck is like mine, your holes are probably oversize now.
    If you can't get oversize rivets, and you need to do it on the cheap, JB the whole hole(beat the hull flat first) and a small plate of aluminum,or a proper size Stainless Steel washer over it, let the JB dry, redrill the hole and reattach with a original size rivet.

    If your luck is really like mine, the rib hole will be wormed out too. ( My guess is this happens when folks/kids play in the boat when not in the water) In that case you may have to use a washer on that side too. Grind it down so it fits and does not hang over the rib before installing.

    A little "wet" JB in the new hole when installing the rivet could not hurt either. Let the JB dry.
    Toss her up on saw horses or some such and hose in just enough water to cover the repair to check for leaks.
    With any luck, you might not break $10 bucks.

    I 'spect that will get ya though if ya can't do it right. (worked for me)

    Take pictures of the process and post them for your first "tech article" here!! We just love pictures!!:big_smile:

    Good Luck!!
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    thanks for the heads up on the rhino lining
    i was thinking about using it on the hull of my boat to help protrect against rocks and other things but here is another idea i was thinking of...

    if i was to put new decking made of plywood would an all around covering of the rhino lining work

    just an idea
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    In the case of small, well used, riveted jons, it wouldn't be too hard to spend more on Rhino than the boats are worth. Just sayin'...
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    I pick up old boats and redo them to sell.JB weld is not a good idea .it will work for a short time but will not last for a full season.I suggest drilling out old rivet a replace with a bigger one. if you dont want to do that ,tighten it up buy hammering it on one side and hold a baal ping hammer on the other.then seal with a 2 part epoxy low vescocity seam sealer.cabeleas also sells epoxy stix that you use a propane torch to heat up and seals the holes.this product works better than jb weld but dont last forever.the epoxy you can get on ebay or at your local marine repair shop. good luck.
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    Where does a person buy boat type rivets?

    All I've seen local are pop-rivets.
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    Someone mentioned wanting to put rhinoliner on the hull of the boat try some Epoxy paint like used on Garage floors it will still add some weight to the boat will also add some protection but will make that boat slide thru water like a hot knife thru butter.

    Thanks for the input on fixing the rivet problems I think we all have ran into this at some point.
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    Do you have any welding shops in your area? That would be a permanent fix.
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    As a welder I get alot of "friends" who bring in their boats needing a fix.
    Most have been "JBed" . That crap causes tripple work on the welder.
    If you ever plan on fixing it properly DO NOT use that crap!