Boat Launches on the Cape Fear

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  1. hardydk1

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    I am considering taking my boat down to the Cape Fear to try to catch some big blues and big flatheads. I typically fish the neuse and the majority of the fish I catch are flatheads, so I really want to land a big blue.

    What sections of the Cape Fear would hold a good amount of large blues and flatheads, where I can launch a 17ft. bass boat and not have to worry about the bottom/structure/rocks/ect. Are there any good boat ramps that I should try to use?
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    :smile2:.........anywhere from buckhorn to wilmington! plenty of fish all up and down the river.....i believe its still a little early to find the big blues though....not many being caught....most average from 5 to 20 lbs............give it a few more weeks and the blues will hopefully fire up............alot of flatties being caught down this way to!