Boat Improvement 101 whatcha gonna do?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by brad kilpatrick, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    What kind of upgrades/improvemnets do you have planned for your boat this season?

    I've got several planned for My Lowe 2070 VTC

    1. adding seven seat bases (thanks again spoonfish great deal!!)
    2. Adding three storage compartments
    3. Fabing up a rail around the back deck for rod holders
    4. Non slip liner
    5. maybe a greyline bait tank
    now if this darn Kansas weather would cooperate I could get to work!!! its C C C Cold here and we got a dusting of snow last night
  2. BullDaddy

    BullDaddy New Member

    Bossier City, La.
    I just got through adding rod holders and re-wiring my fibergass hull. Now I am going to sell it, rebuild the motor from it and put it on a brand new 2072 jon and start from scatch.
    1. 60 gallon bait tank
    2. 6 rod holders across the back.
    3. a counter-sunk attachment point front and back to mount a rod to hang lantern on.
    4. whatever else I can get done before the wife takes away my credit card/checkbook.:cool:

  3. Mutt

    Mutt Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Well this year I think I will put on the keel shield I won and I am thinking of putting lights in the storage compartments on the tracker and maybe if I get the energy polish the hull lol. I would like to replace the carpet too in my tracker but not sure if I am going to keep it to much longer yet.
  4. Terry Day

    Terry Day New Member

    Parkville, Missouri
    Hey Brad,

    I have a 20' Polar Craft center console. I have been thinking about fabricating and building a tubular rod holder frame on the stern, for probably 6rods. I would be interested in seeing how you set yours up. Are you fabricating it yourself or do you have a source? Where do you get your non slip mats?

    I have attended the last two boat shows at Bartle Hall. They have had a catfish boat there both times. It was equipped with a rod rail almost all the way around it. Have you seen it? I think it came from a marina around Warsaw!

  5. fwmud

    fwmud New Member

    Wilson's Mills,nc
    Terry check out
    "Seadek" they'll send you a sample of colors and different sizes of their non slip mats. Looks to be great stuff.
  6. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    Yes I have seen the cat boat you speak of, its the same model as mine. I am planning on fabing My rail Myself and making it removable. I can get some 1 1/4" round handrail stock free from work and will prob. use that for the construction, its heavier then the square stock i've seen others use but free is free. I was gonna mount 10 rod holders on it six straight out the back and two on each side.

    The non slip liner I'm getting is from cabelas called tuff coat, and is a roll on application like a truck bed liner but with ground up rubber in it. I hear the US Navy uses the same product on some of there boats so I'm sure its good stuff!!! I also talked to several other Guys who have used it and they love it. It comes in colors and I'm gonna go with a sand color to cool off the interior of the boat. The Dark green paint absorbs too much heat in the summer and is very hot to the touch. Not very nice to sit on if you wear shorts....ouch!!!!!!

    As soon as the weather Breaks I've gotta get to work!!! I'm way behind!!!! You would Be welcome to swing buy and have a look any time you want I'll let You know when I get started. Maybe We could even hook up and go do some cattin some time this year!! I'm always looking for a fishing partner your boat or mine don't much matter to Me I just wanna catch fish!!!
  7. catsmith1

    catsmith1 New Member

    Haughton, Louisiana
    I already installed a new aluminum battery box with terminals on the outside. Adding led lights designed for live well 2 each. Trying new ideas on storage also.

    15.5 ft alumacraft 9.9 merc 4stroke.

    also thinking about some bee ready rod holders.
  8. Little Mac

    Little Mac Active Member

    NW Arkansa
    Brad K, You and I talked some about the tuff coat I have installed it in my boat and it seems to be a very good product, I havent finished my boat yet, But I can just tell its gonna be good. One bit of advice though, It will take more than two coats for a good coverage. As for improvements to my boat this year, I too am going to build a rod rack on the back. Square tubing like my rails and removeable, also with a slide up "wieghing" bar to hang the scale on. Fun, Fun, Fun. later Mac.
  9. catfishcentral

    catfishcentral New Member

    Brad and Mac,

    Hey post later this summer when it's good and hot out on the water how the Cabela's tough coat works. I've seen that also and thought about ripping my old carpet out but afraid that stuff will still get a little too hot in the summer. I'm sure it will be better than bare metal but not sure if it will be as cool as the carpet. My carpet get's covered in slim, mud and blood all the time but usually does wash out at the car wash. That Cabela's stuff looks like it would be easier to clean out.
  10. catfishhunter73flat73blue

    catfishhunter73flat73blue New Member

    south dak
    Hello all from South Dak
    If you are like me (Most Are Not) thank GOD
    I started with a 14 ft allum flat bottom, and a short shaft motor. The only way to go ,,anyway I installed non-slip floors 30 gal. live well that is like no other and lights through out the bottom of the boat (in-side) and took out the4 org. seats and added 2 allum seats with a hide-away storage in them.
    man this year will be great
  11. warcraft1975

    warcraft1975 New Member

    heck i geuss me just doing somthing to my boat would be an improvement. lol. i have had it for 2 years and havent touched it for one year
  12. Cat Tale

    Cat Tale New Member

    I think I'll rerope that baby this year,change the lower units oil and clean the carb.If I get around to all that I may even wash her out!
  13. jsharper

    jsharper New Member

    What I would like to do is add an 8 ft side box to my 16' flatbottom for rods etc. I guess it would have to be custom built. I would like aluminum, but doubt that I can afford that. Thinking about going to an AC shop that does sheet metal and going galvenized. I don't want wood. It is a shame there are no plastic boxes, like they make for pick-ups with the angle that will fit the boat sides. Someone ought to make those.
  14. beeheck

    beeheck New Member

    Iowa / Missouri
    Refinish the wood bench seats, put in a new water pump kit complete and hit the water.
  15. gardengrz

    gardengrz New Member

    my project is a 16 ft. lyman that i painted black with copper bronze bottom paint, with white boot stripe. im half way done varnishing the top side+ seats. i am goin to make a rod holder mount in the back out of a peice of 1x4 white oak. rod holders will be 4 down-east clamp on holders. this project has taken me a long time but its gettin close.
  16. T-Bone

    T-Bone New Member

    South of Dallas
    Gonna go to bps and gets seats today, (we got some of y'alls cold icey weather this weekend):sad: .......
    Tim's gonna ship me out some Bee-Ready rod holders.
    Gonna camo the jon.
    Gonna run wire and lights.
    Gonna rig up my 100qt. ice chest / live well / bait tank.
    Gonna mount depth finder.
    Gonna............ well by now it's winter again and I can start planin' for next year.
  17. Cattracker16

    Cattracker16 New Member

    Wilton Iowa
    well only upgrade i need right now is a cd player, maybe put on some rod holders.. gotta great idea for them if it works out for me..thanks to a boc member.. already have the shade = bimini top.. maybe look for newer anchor? already changed out plugs. change oil on new lower end? lube the trailor hitch end..
  18. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    You'd think I wouldn't have a lot to do since the boat is brand new, but I've been busy anyway...

    * Added an on-board charger and a permanent "inlet" for plugging in the extension cord easily
    * Added a 12V DC outlet for spotlights, etc.
    * Added a locking latch to the rear access panel - keeps the batteries and charger more secure
    * Cut a hole between the rod locker and front storage area so I could store longer fishing rods. (Turns out Xpress started doing that at the factory shortly after my boat was built)
    * Added several Bee-Ready rod holders
    * Installed an Eagle FishElite 480 GPS/sonar
    * Installed a "Boat Buckle" retracting bow tie down strap.

    Things I still plan to do as time allows (and once the weather warms up a bit):
    * Add 2 more retracting tie down straps for the transom
    * LED submersible lights for the livewell
    * Rope lights of some sort in the rod locker and bow storage
    * Remote tilt/trim switch on the bow
    * Replace the factory tach with a Yamaha multi-function digital display - tach / hour meter / trim angle / oil level / warning lights
    * Install another fish finder on the bow, with trolling motor mount transducer

    Lower-priority items include actually getting the boat out on the water and trying to catch some fish... ;)
  19. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Hey Brad -- took at a look at that stuff from Cabelas. $68 a gallon, does 50 sq ft and you have to apply 2 coats (so it really only covers 25 sq ft per gallon). Doing some rough calculations on an 18 ft x 72" boat, I get about $300 for the whole job.

    For that price, I think you can have a professionally applied liner that's probably more durable and better looking. I have an "AmeraGuard" spray-on liner in my last 2 pickup trucks and will get one on the next as well -- they'll apply their stuff to anything you can bring them and it comes in a jillion different colors.

    Anyway, you might want to check with AmeraGuard or one of the others (Line-X, Rhino, etc.) and see what the cost comes out to. The only Ameraguard dealer in the area is here in Lee's Summit.
  20. Snappy

    Snappy New Member

    Mr. T what model xpress boat do you have?