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Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by bulldog2, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. bulldog2

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    I have a 1648 MV flat bottom that I am thinking of putting a floor on. The ribs are about 12" apart.It has one bench in the back and a walk-thru bench in the middle.

    Can some members who have installed a floor on their aluminum boats give me some ideas on what they did please. Thanks
  2. KyKatfish

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    Do not use treated Ply! Very bad for any metal! There is a site called ............. that I use for resources on my boat build!! Its a great site Because thats where I heard of this site!!

    alot of guys do regular lumber and treat the lumber themselves to preserve it!

  3. cantstopgrandma

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    I used aluminum street signs......i did go about getting them the legal way though. Went to the county roads dept and got the ones that had a few bullet holes in them. Trimmed them to fit with an electric jig saw, and screwed them to the ribs. I then screwed indoor/outdoor carpet (with the rubber backing) down to the signs with finish washers. For being carpet, it sure does hose out very easily. Works very well and keeps my young kids and me from tripping over the ribs all the time.

    if i had to do it all over again, i would probably used threadserts to mount the signs to the ribs, just so its easier to take in/out for cleaning under the floor.
  4. katman#1

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    go to a metal scrap yard and see what they have