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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Spider, Aug 20, 2008.

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    I going to go out on a limb here and probably sound a bit stupid. I haven't had a boat for over 20 years and when I had that one I pretty much fished for bass. Now I would like to do catfishing and possible some stripper fishing. My fishing up this point has been shore fishing on the bottom. Now, with the boat, do I still fish the bottom the same way as you would from shore if fishing a lake? Does anyone just lower the the bait straight down and allow it to hang at a depth off the bottom?
    This method of bait fishing from a boat is something that is new to me so please excuse my ignorance.

  2. crankbait77

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    If you are after striper that will work, but for catfish I use a Carolina rig with hefty sinker. Depending what type of cats you are after you go for structure, river channels, or sand bars. If you will be a little more specific maybe we can help you out.

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    No offense, but your question is a bit large sided. There is just far too many variables. My best advice is to go to the Library here on the BOC @
    After you get there, scroll to the bottom area and change "from to" to "The Beginning".

    After you have read it all, it should be about Christmas time. LOL
    Sorry, couldn't resist. Besides, it is enormous and has been Whistlers project in the making for about 8 years now. "If it aint in there, it aint worth reading."
    Good Luck!
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    Boat fishing is not THAT much different except that you can..............
    get to the best holes
    fish without near as much worry about snags
    catch fish consistently
    not have to other peoples trash.................................................

    If you are anchor fishing your typical bottom rig (carolina or any version of) or 3-way rig will work just fine without modification. when you begin to drift you may want to make some changes to rig or bait presentation.
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    Welcome to the BOC and a dumb question is one that is not asked so fill free to ask as many as you want I'm sure someone on here will help you oput. Good luck fishing
    Again welcome from So. Alabama
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    Welcome to the BOC Latrry. Follow Kutters advice and check out the library. After that if you have any questions ask away. More info there than you can absorb.