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    The old Minn Kota's had a cradle to place the motor part of the trolling motor in when you were going to travel, plus it had a collar that you were suppose to move down toward the end of the shaft to hold it onto the cradle. The new ones have a locking system and most people do not bother to move the collar down toward the shaft where it is locked. My advice to you is to move the collar down to the locking position. I teach this in my seminars and I have had two people to e-mail me or call me and tell me that their new (self locking) unit came loose from the locking devise in heavy waves, thus thrusting the motor and shaft into the water at traveling speed and they wished they had done what I told them to do. It takes less than a minute to be safe, rather than sorry. Photo no. 1 depicts how I think you should store your trolling motor.

    Also, I would advise you to turn your propeller part of the trolling motor inward, rather outward when storing it on the front of the boat. The major reason for this recomendation is that when you are docking, the blades and the end of the motor are protected from a mishap at the dock or when you are pulling up next to another boat on the water. Photo no. 1 depicts the way I think it shoud be done.

    When you buy your VHF radio and install it, most people install the antenna on the console bar or on the side of the boat next to the console. This to me is a no no. The instructions says that it should be placed three feet from the top of your head and body. If you put it on the highest point of most console bars, the base of the antenna is something like 10 to 12 inches above your head and maybe 1 to 1.5 feet from your body. I placed mine on the rear of the boat, a good 7+ feet from my body, eventho it is not above my head it is far enough away not to be a problem. Most factory order boats have the antenna on the back of the boat. Photo no. 2 depicts my antenna location.

    Minn Kota Auto-Pilot trolling motors are God sent, better than sliced bread. But, we manage to damage them when charging our batteries. If you leave your trolling motor connected to it's power supply when you are charging it, there is a small leakage of current still going to the trolling motor and thus the board for the Auto-Pilot gets fried. You eliminate this problem by discounting the power source when you bring your trolling motor in and store it in its traveling bracket. Don't confuse the control cable with the power supply cable. Photo no 3 depicts the power cable disconnected.

    Ever had your trolling motor head to start turning without you doing it yourself ? It does this when it is not getting a continious electrical flow. You can correct this by cleaning your battery post and connections, plus spray some Contact Cleaner on the male/female power connections. Also, this can happen under damp situations.

    When you buy new equipment for your boat, take a little time and read the instruction manual that came with the equipment.