Boat Colors??

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Salmonid, Jun 20, 2006.

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    SW Ohio
    Hey folks I just bought the dorkiest looking boat and trailer ever, the guy spray painted both inside and outside of the boat, and trailer all the same color, a bright BLUE. Yup, he sprayed the straps holding it to the trailer, he sprayed over the running light/reflectors and even sprayed the internal cables from the steering column. Im taking pics tonight but trust me if I had any fishing friends before this, they wouldnt be caught dead in this "pretty boy" boat (Mellon Maybe since he is the known locally as the "Pickle Park Porker" :eek:oooh: ) So whats a guy got to do to fix this? Looks like I picked up some Krylon Black spray paint and will start with the trailer and at least get it Black but then what?, he spent a large amount of time spratpainting the inside and the outside and Im not sure I want to go to that effort to repaint it but would like to turn it into a dark olive boat, something more traditional rather then Bright Blue..... Whats wrong with folks these days??
    It only makes sense that the "ChubHunter III" should be a more manly color, dont you agree?
    Any one else got a weird color for there boat?

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    I painted mine camo... and I ain't been able to find it since...:lol:
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