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April 28th. I picked up my grandson for a shakedown trip with my boat at 10:45. It was a very cold, cloudy and windy morning. I took the boat to a lake instead of the Ohio River due to the river being too high.

We launched the boat at 11:40, and the lake was very muddy and choppy waves from the wind. The water temperature was only 55 degree. My depth finder was showing the water to average 10 less than the marking on the map.

We trolled from one end of the lake to the dam area trying to mark fish. At the dam we finally drop our anchor at the deepest spot. The wind just kept swaying the boat back and forth. After about 40 minutes with no bites we moved on, seeking to find the fish. At around 12:00 we tried drift fishing with the wind. My grandson did get a hard bite with something that had teeth for it cut his 30 pound braided line. That was the only bite, marked very few fish during the whole time.

So we packed it in at 12:45, chilled to the bone. I am tired of just taking long boat ride and no fishing action, but it was a nasty day to be on the water. All I can say on the plus side is the boat did check out O.K.

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