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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by cantstopgrandma, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. cantstopgrandma

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    I want to camo my 14' jon boat. Has anyone ever thought of using one of sponges you sponge paint your house with? I was thinking with a few colors I could break up the flat olive color a little. If i move the sponge around I would think it would give me a random enough pattern to break up the boat outline pretty good. I'm not an artist, and the stencil kits you see in cabelas/basspro are expensive. What do yall think? Any thoughts?
  2. whisker maniac

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    Take some real leaves and trace them on some cardboard and make your own stencils. Use Different kinds of leaves whatever you like or prefer and use different shades of paints.

  3. DIESELkat

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    It might look tacky but I have 1 side with a marsh weeds style pattern and 1 side with a thicket style pattern. This way I'm set either way. For the thicket side I did exactly what whisker said. Some oak leaves, maples, whatever is in the area you hunt. Dont forget to put some sticks in there too, and leave some dark spots. For the weed side I painted the whole side of the boat some kind of mossy yellow somethin or other color, then went out and cut down some marsh grass and cattails. Then I bound em together kinda fanned out like and painted deep moss green and hazel behind the weeds. Last, I just went over the weeds with a mist of darker brown and green. Its no MAX-4 or DUCK BLIND but it works pretty well and I can still afford shells......well a couple at least:confused2:
  4. shovehead1

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    get brown spray paint and spray the entire boat then get green and black and tan and just very lightly!!!!! srpay with all of them just anywhere
  5. Quackshutr

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    Oklahoma, Collinsville
    I made my own stencils out of a thin plastic For Sale sign I bought at Wally World for less than $2, drew long blades of grass and cut them out with a razor knife, base coated my boat with a dark color and then sprayed the stencils with a lighter tan and olive colors. Also did the same thing with enlarged oak leaves from a print I found online.
    Looks ok to me so far.

  6. germanmudfish

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    Gray, GA
    use darker colors on the corners so they disappear. Dad and I camo painted his golf cart for hunting using the blob method, but Whiskers and DeiselKat's ideas sounds the best. Good luck. Post pics when you got her done.