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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by mocatman, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Does anyone have any good pointers on a affordable and easy way to keep your batteries charged. It seems my theory of putting them on the charger every so often didnt work out so well. Just charged them last week got ready to hit the water today and they were all dead after no use.
  2. They should have lasted longer than a week. Check the water levels in them if it is possible and do a load test. I keep mine filled, and a trickle charger on them when the boat is parked and they are ready to go all year long. My batteries are 5 years old. They are Interstate Megatron Batteries with a $30 walmart trickle charger.

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    Did you put in at the ramp in Warsaw, Missouri yesterday? There was a guy there with a white boat using the trolling motor to get back to the ramp because of a dead battery. I've had good luck so far by just keeping them charged as soon as I get off of the water. Wonder if you have something drawing power all the time, like an accessory somewhere? Chris
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    Welcome to the USCA Wayne. I have an onboard charger on mine. Plugged in all the tome when in the garage. Batteries are 5 yrs old. Do have to keep the water level up in them though.
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    Ya i am pretty sure it was my water level after i checked it... Rookie move! What kind of charger would you reccommend putting them on at home, Trickel, Float?. I have just been throwing them on a regular 12 volt charger and could be over charging them.
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    Your best off getting some good batteries from the start. Get a AGM battery and never worry again about water level or the cold temp.