Boat and Specifically (pontoon questions)

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    Wife has back issues. From what I hear I would be best suited to get a pontoon boat since she and I are both thinking of getting a boat (looking at toons). If this is wrong let me know. I've been looking specifically at about a 20-24 foot toon with the chaise and captain style chairs to help her stay comfortable.

    Few Questions for owners out there.
    1. Any regrets after you purchased yours?
    2. If you could change one thing about it what would it be?
    3. What are some "must haves" for a pontoon (or other boat if you think it would be better boat for back problems)(for those that are seasoned owners)
    4. What waters are off limits for a toon? (if any) Lake, river, *Ohio (by this I mean Ohio River ok? Lake Erie etc. (I'll do some of my own homework from what I've read thus far it looks to be fine just not in rough waters)
    5. How many months can you use your boat on average a year? (Ohio)
    6. Fix up or Buy new? (if you could do either)
    7. What gadgets are important for fishing
    8 What helps keep the kids entertained (what do you bring?)(Fishing only does for soo long)
    9 A family of 4 with possibility of 2-5 others coming along what size would be the best? (4 adults total on boat the rest kids early teens)
    Btw any and all comments are welcomed and Thanked in advanced :big_smile:
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    warrenton misso
    my aunt and uncle have a pontoon because of her back pain& arthritus, the first pontoon only had seats in it ,, the next one they got had a bench seating area ,, she defanently likes the 8' wide seat area so she can prop up her legs , make sure to get a sun shade of some kind for the comfort,, because they generally have small engines that dont go fast enough to make much wind,
    as far as teenagers go, they wont care much for a toon, they want to
    some toons have "front pedistel fishing seats " that sit outside of the railing that work real good