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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by rockk, Feb 27, 2006.

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    couple years ago we were camping and fishing up in georgia. i was fishing with the little bells on the tip of my rods . well about 2:30 tied the boat to bank and crawled in tent. about a hour or so later woke up cause my bells were going off. it took a couple shakes to realize i was in the tent. so i went to using a few choice words with smith and wesson throwed in for effect, while trying to find that blasted zipper. about that time i heard an outboard take off .got to my boat, my rod and tackle box were in the water beside my boat, lesson learnt. now i lock all gear in truck that i can and rigged up a couple old rods with bells that i put in rod holders whether its in the water or on the trailer. !!!!anything touchs my boat my alarm goes off!!!! it even works sitting in yard
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    I heard of a really cool boat cover alarm! It goes off when one of the snaps disconnect! I cant remember where I saw it, but seemed like a good idea! It probably wouldnt be hard to make your own!

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    The best boat alarm I ever have owned is my 11 year old 95 lb Alpha female Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She knows who has good intentions...and who is up to no good. She'd let a kid pull her ears and ride her back all day long with nothing more than a loud SIGH occasionally for a complaint...and perhaps a longing...sad look at me out of the top of her she was wallered to death by my four girls...Lol.

    But by god...if someone messed with the truck or the boat, or didn't belong in the yard when she was in it...she was meaner looking and sounding than any black faced pure bred German Shepard I've ever seen!
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    Radio Shack carries personal alarms, very loud. I use them to let me know when somebody is messing around. It usually gets them running real quick, and lucky for them they do haul it away before I get there with my buddy in hand.
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    I wish there was a way to rig my truck and boat with about a 1000 volts. That would keep there hands off,........ or cook them!
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    I also have a portable Radio Shack alarm,Cat.#49-425.It takes one nine volt battery.IT has held up for for quite a few years now.Has a loud alarm and chime.Mine will go off on a Penn 345 GTI reel and rod movement at about 4 feet.Too bad it won,t on rod tip movement.I tried it out in the center of the Okeefenokee Swamp.It will work on coons,black bears and gators.I would think that they will learn to ignore it,in time.The downfall is that it is not water proof.You would also need a dozen for 360 degree coverage.About 20 ft. gives me the best coverage on mine.I need to try it in a Zip-Lock bag.That might waterproof it if it will still work.peewee-williams
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    I have seen motorcycle alarms that are waterproof and motion sensitive. I don't know if they are tuned fine enough to trigger if someone climbed into the boat but they are loud and weatherproof. I'll see if I can find out more about them...W