Boat accident at McAlpine dam

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    Boat capsizes on the Ohio River
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    An afternoon of fishing on the Ohio River, near the Falls of The Ohio almost proved deadly for an area boater. He's just lucky he wasn't the only one on the river Saturday.
    Saturday was not a good day for mike miller, an experienced metro louisville boater. He thought he knew how to maneuver around the falls of the ohio.
    In a split second his boat capsized and he was more than up the creek without a paddle, his fellow boaters saved his life.
    Donald Kelly boater says, "We were up there fishing on the river by the dam. The sirens went off, they raised the water on the dam and his anchor got stuck, he couldn't get his anchor loose and the water came over the top of his boat and sunk his boat."
    Dozens of bystanders and fisherman watched as fellow boaters who came to his rescue brought him in. With Clarksville, Indiana firemen and Louisville's dive team standing by. The dam may be picturesque, but you take you life in your hands, if you get too close.
    Mike Hagan, boater says, "I just went over to help, like anyone else would. The river is pretty dangerous down here when they move the water level, he's a veteran down here, a lot of it is just bad circumstances I guess."
    Miller, didn't appear to be hurt. Major John Sloan says, "He was floating down when they caught him, they just tied his boat off and held on to it, until they got him back to the bank. If you don't know the river, stay off it. Especially below the falls."
    No word on the state investigation at this hour, or whether any citations will be issued.

    That was a C&P. Please,everyone please be safe and careful. I left the scene of the accident about an hour before it incurred.

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    Lucky others were around, shows how a good day can turn bad in the blink of an eye. I always, always, always have a couple very sharp knives readily available in the boat or on my belt to cut the ropes in an emergency, like the boat being pulled under. Hope I never have to use em, but they are ready if needed. Hope he doesn't get a citation, he's paid enough already.....

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    Georgetown IN
    I was going to post about this myself.I was fishing the ramp bottom when it happened.Just cast out the lines when the fire dept showed up.What made it bad was the horn blew and they opened the gates up before he could react.He attempted to cut the line but couldn't get it before being swamped.The guy Mike Hagan went and plucked him out and put him in his buddies boat where then they towed it in.When they flipped it over that thing was full of water winched it up on the trailer and those tires looked plum flat.Got it drained and secured news guy asked him for a comment and basically he said stick it.He lost some gear but saved some poles that were tied down.Had to reel in poles due to another boat came in with a damaged prop.Had to wait for the firemen and such to leave so they got troll to the ramp.No cats but an interesting day.