Bluestone Dam repairs.

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    Bluestone Dam badly in need of repairs, Corps says
    Dam will not be able to hold as much water during renovations

    By Rusty MarksStaff writer

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The Bluestone Dam near Hinton needs a lot of work, the U.S. Corps of Engineers says. And during the repair period, it won't be able to hold back as much water as it does now.

    The problem: It's the dam that keeps places such as downtown Charleston flood free.

    Corps representatives are preparing for a series of public hearings to explain the upgrades and temporary restrictions on the Summers County dam.

    Corps officials met with local emergency responders, officials for local communities and Kanawha County officials Friday at the Kanawha County Courthouse to explain the ongoing work and to lay the groundwork for emergency planning should the 60-year-old dam fail.

    Col. Dana Hurst, in charge of the Corps of Engineers Huntington District, said work to upgrade the dam will force Corps officials to reduce the amount of water they will allow the dam to hold during the construction period.

    Under periods of extremely heavy rainfall, the restrictions may force dam operators to release more water from the dam earlier, potentially leading to flooding downstream.

    Built in 1949, the Bluestone Dam drains an area of about 4,500 square miles. When the dam was built, engineers believed the structure to be adequate, Hurst said. But after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, Corps officials decided to re-evaluate the dam and make sure it is strong enough to withstand all but the most dire emergency.

    "We're going much more conservative at this point," Hurst said. He said the dam "is in urgent need of repair."..
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    It seems like they've been working on that dam forever every time I go to the lake there working on it. I think they started some repairs back in 2003 not sure though.I wonder what this will do to the fishing there.:sad2:

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    we fished there all last summer. i know theyve been talking about fixin' it for years....but now they decide to do it when were ready to hit the river again, gota finda new spot this year:sad2: o well,. any ideas people???:tounge_out: