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    13 days ago, a 31 pound blue was caught and weighed-on at the Guthrie Lake bait house. About 15 years ago, a couple of gentlemen would release some blues in Guthrie Lake that they had caught in Kaw Lake. They were from 2 to about 10 pounds, and I think the guy said he had put in about 300 of them. I caught some flatheads that weighed in at around 20 to 25 pound and gave them to the lakes caretaker, who kept them in a minnow tank for a few weeks to insure they were not diseased. At any rate, occasionally someone would catch a blue out of the lake.
    Today, a 64 pound blue was caught, weighed and released back into the lake. We do have some fishermen who are conscious about renewing the fishery. To date, there is no indication of blues spawning in the lake, so all caught were transplants. If some of you guys do read this and fish the lake, please, please put the blues back. The State stocks channels but not blues.