Blue's on the move

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    I may be making a mistake, crowding the place up, but I got the report I've been waiting on from a friend who is a commercial fisherman. He called tonight to say the blue's are on the move, heading up to the dam. As a member, I'm supposed to be helping my BOC brothers out. So here it is.

    They're not quite ready to spawn yet. From my experience - from what I've learned from traps - the blue's spawn after the channels do. You can tell when the channels are through spawning by the hatching of the Mayflies. Don't know if that's a coincidence or if that's nature's way of putting some weight back on the channels after the spawn - a ready meal. But, either way, that's when the blue's start spawning.

    Biologists might argue with me, other sports fishermen might argue with me, but when I was cleaning fish every day, I'm bright enough to be able to see when they had eggs in them, when they didn't, and when they stopped having eggs in them.

    Some may pooey this report, but some might catch some fish. Good luck to you.
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    Thanks for the report Gator!:wink: You are right, there is a transition happening. Blues and Channels spawn at temps of 70-84 degrees F with 80-81 degrees considered best. It was best shown and at the results of the last Wateree tourney with lack of larger fish and great catches of smaller ones.

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    Thanks for the report Gator. We had been catching some nice males at the Re-Diversion, but finally caught a couple of females last week. they were the first we had seen, hoping they will keep moving and we can find them