Blues man messed with the flats yesterday

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Mac-b, Aug 18, 2008.

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    I am not known as a flathead catfisherman, eventho I have caught my share of them fishing for Ark. Blues. But, yesterday after a storm blew over, I went to flathead heaven to see if I could catch a trophy. I was using live blue gills/bream from the three finger size to a couple of hand size ones. I drifted (trolling motor assisted) for them and had plenty of pick ups and squashed baits right behind the rib cage of my baits, but nary a one did I put in the boat. I, most likey, will revisit this spot later in the week and I hope I can come back and report that I caught a trophy flathead. The flathead has to be the smartest fish in the catfish family.

    The area I'm fishing in has a hump in the center, several drop offs, large rock bolders on the surface and beneath and three points. Shad and white perch have been in the area all summer and the spot is about as big as two football fields. Most likely I will have to anchor to get the big one, he does not seem to like my drifting technique, too much pressure when he picks the bait up. Live and learn.
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    a lot of times you can do better anchored down. they don't seem to go after a bait once it's been pulled away from them like a blue or channel will. good luck in your endeavor!

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    The can be caught drifting just as easily as anchoring but you have to be patient cause alot of times they will pick up the bait and swim with the boat for a long time. My PB flathead(60.2lbs) came drifting and have caught most or more like all of my flatheads at santee drifting. Me and Roundhill were drifting last year and havent had a bite in about an hour so we decided to move to another area and when I started reeling in the 1st rod it had a 41lb flathead on it and we never even saw the rod twitch 1 time. Keep at the Mac I know you will get them.
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    i figured you would have to sit still,that is interesting rivercats.
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    One Flathead I caught a few weeks ago hit the Bluegill as I was reeling in the line. I had decided to call it quits and he nailed it on the retrieve about 15 ft. off the bank. I thought I was just hung up again til the hang up pulled back.
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    the smashed baits sounds like a case of the channel cats