Blues caught on Clarks Hill

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    Well my father and I are camping at Baker Creek State Park in McCormick. We are mostly Bass fishing right now but we wanted to have a big fish fry last Sunday for the family so we put out about 40 jugs Friday night on Little River. I had some gizzard shad vacuum sealed I bought in Santee so I baited with those. I had never used gizzard shad down there before because it just isnt available in that area. I guess thats what the blues on Clarks Hill like because for the first time in forever I caught 2 blues in 1 night. Both weighed in at about 10lbs each. We caught 12 other channel cats and no flatheads this time.

    This makes me want to get out my pontoon and drift around in Little River with some gizzard shad one day. Might try it soon.
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    Fish fry! Yummy! Doing a little dedicated catfishing there might be rewarding. Good luck and thanks for the report.