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    Even though is has been almost a year, just thought I'd add this to the story archives for thosed to see that do not know about my catch.

    It was a rainy day on January 7, 05, the last of a 3 week holiday break I had from my job as an 8th grade U.S. History teacher in Los Angeles, Ca. I woke up around 8am that morning and debated about wether or not I should go fishing. I called a friend and talked about my thoughts with him and said, this is the prime time to go after the big blues in weather like this, I should go for at least an afternoon bite. He gave me the encouragement to go, plus I figured why let my last free Friday go of my break go to waste, so I packed up my gear and decided to go fishing. I made the drive to San Diego to go after monster blue catfish which is about an 1hr and 45 minutes south away from my home in Ontario, Ca. For some reason, I had a good feeling that morning.

    The feeling that I would catch something on this day did not come from recent success either. In December I had lost three big blues to mishaps, such as fish wrapping themselves in underwater cover, or becoming unbuttoned after a good fight. I was due and could not strike out 4 times in a row. My Calstar medium action rod and my Penn 545 baitcaster helped give me the confidence that if one hits my line again, I will take it to him.

    After leaving around 9am and making a few stops, I arrived at San Vicente Reservoir around 1130am, and after paying my permit and renting a motor boat, I set out in pouring rain, hoping that I'd actually land the next big blue that hit my bait. I went to a spot that had a slopping drop off from a rocky area. The depth had a slanting drop off going from 5 feet to about 40 feet. I armed my self with mackeral heads and casted one rod in about 8 feet of water close to the bank, and another rod in about 40 feet of water going towards a point that was in front of me. Big blue cats love mackeral heads, and that was my bait of choice for the day. I set at my spot for 2 hours without recasting or checking my bait, and at 145pm, I had my first run on a rod to my right that was in 40 feet of water. The reels clicker screamed for about 6 seconds. I picked up my rod and it stopped. I am thinking, " Man I missed it."

    Hoping that the fish would come back to the bait and hit it again, I just sat there with the rod in my hands for about 15 seconds. And then the reel on my second rod - the rod on my left - started clicking. Line peeled out steadily as the clicker called to me louder and louder, giving me a chance to pick up the rod and set the hook. In pouring rain, this fish was on.

    Almost immediately I knew that I had a big fish at the other end of my line. So what did I think about? Naturally, those three big blues that had escaped my grasp in December. I tightened the drag more than I had done in December since I had 30 pound test on it, attempting to stop the fish from burrowing down. The fish was still pulling line, but I was able to get a good crank on the fish and bring it close to the boat. That's when the fight really began.

    The fish did not want to come up, and for a long while I did not see it. The blue tried to go under the boat, then around the boat, but I kept cranking and gaining line _ at least more than it would take out on successive runs. After about 12 minutes, the fish tired and came to the surface. I tried to net it and the fish came loose from the net. After about ten seconds he came back to the surface and I was able to get the head in the net and some of its upper body. My net wasn't big enough to envelope the entire fish.

    I grabbed the frame of the net with both hands and pulled the fish into the aluminum boat, happy that the fourth blue did not escape. I initially estimated the fish would weigh about 60 pounds, so imagine my surprise back at the dock when the scale there read 81.5 pounds.

    I took pictures of the fish, and then released it back into the lake to grow to a bigger size to be caught again.


    Brian Cummings.
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