Bluegill for cut bait

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by catfishingabber, Jun 16, 2006.

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    i went to the library section and there is a link to show you how to make cut bait but it shows a sucker now being that the bluegill is a smaller fish would you fillet it like it shows you to do to the sucker or just cut it in sections like i said in my other post im going out for cat on saturdy night for the first time and it is in a private lake and live bait is not allowed but cut bait is and bluegill is the small fish of the lake

    oh also all the cat in the lake are channel cat in the 4# to 25# range

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    Hey Catfishingabber
    it depends. What I mean by that is it depends what mood the catfish are in. Sometimes they like little gills that are left whole. Like 2 to 3 inches. Step on them or mash them alittle to make them bleed. Other times they like just the head or the gut pocket. and others smaller strips of the fillets. Try several different sizes and parts of the gill untill you find what they like and then use that piece of bait untill they switch what they want. Everytime you go out can be different. Hope this helps

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    I would have to agree with bearcat it all depends.I have the best luck with the heads but you can cut it up any way you like and have them hit it.You will just have to experament with it and find out what they want.
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    If you are talking about making the "Advance Cut Bait" in the library, I too make it all the time with sunfish or tilapia.

    I just cut the fish into little steaks, just straight through it all, and leave the heads in there! Some nights, they wont touch anything but the juicy heads.