Bluegill for catfish bait?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by HARVRAD2003, Mar 26, 2006.

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    I was wondering about catching blue gill and then freezing it immediately while still alive, would this be the same as fresh cut bait for fishing for channels or blues. I'm not exactly sure on how to keep them alive long enough if I catch them in a small pond or lake and want to keep them fresh enough for fishing a larger lake or river. Also does anyone know if it is legal to use just the head of a bluegill in Illinois for bait or do you have to use the whole fish.
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    If you invest in a cooler and a small aerator You can keep bluegill alive for hours. Just make sure the water is kept cool. I always put some ice in. When you get to where you are fishing you can put them in the water if you have a fish basket. If your fishing regs say you can use bluegill for bait, then it won't matter what part you use. A lot of us here like to catch our blue gill from the water we are going to fish,but that is not always possible. Frozen gills will work fresh or a little rotten, remember ice out in the spring. The cats eat a lot of winter killed bait fish, they are just harder to keep on your hook.

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    I built a trap to put in one of our ponds. I put it in when I run low on bait, that way I can keep a good supply.
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    very well said i totaly agree
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    Most of the time I catch bluegills at the locations where I am going to fish and put them in a float n' troll bucket and just tie it off somewhere in the water. If you are transporting them from one location to another, just get any old 5 gallon bucket you have around, buy an airator at your local outdoors shop or even some baitshops have them, fill the bucket with water from the waterway that you caught them at, they seem to do much better when you do that. I usually partially cover the bucket with a rag to keep them shaded until i get there, then if i don't have my float n' troll with me, i find the most shady spot I cant and put the bucket there or find a shallow part of the area I'm fishing and secure my bucket down and put it there to help keep it cool. Not sure about the regs in IL, you'll have to check into that yourself or one of the other members from IL could probably tell you. Here in Indiana, I've seen people cut the heads off bluegills and throw them in for chum while cleaning them to eat. Bluegill guts work well too, so if you clean a lot of bluegills, a nice frozen bag of guts is fair cat bait. Good luck.
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    netmanjack i totally agree about a live well you can make one for cheap.i have quit a few in my garage that i take depending on how much bait im taking