Bluegill and the fish pond

Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by catfish slick, Mar 25, 2007.

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    Does anyone have any Idea just how much one little 4" bluegill can eat. I found one while back that had jumped out of the water and landed on some floating water grass and couldn't get back in the water. So I dipped it up with my net and put it in can of water and brought it home and put it in my fish pond. I was going to use it for bait next time I was out for cat. Well next thing I know all my mosquito fish are gone and my Gold fish are all hiding, so Wednesday while I was in town I bought two dozen feeder fish about 1" long thanking they would last him for a while. "Little did I know" Now that's four days and they are all gone. I was out their just a little bit ago and it took a night crawler right out of my hand like he had nothing to eat in weeks. they are a tough little fish. and fun to watch but you sure wouldn't to many.
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    catfish slick,

    Go find a neighbor that has some floating catfish feed....They can be trained to eat that....If you feed him out of a baitshop, he'll break you....A coffee can full will last him a while if you can get him to eat it....Dry dog food would be good to teach him with....If he came from the wild, he may not eat it....But on the otherhand, if he gets hungry enough he'll be a little more humble....Also, small crayfish, insects and anything else.....Dwight

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    stale bread, left over rice, just about antthing. Just don't put too much in the water at a time.
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    Blue gills love Purina kitten chow !!! And when they get bigger ole roy dog food. Lot cheaper than catfish chow when ya feeding 100's Been feeding fish in my ponds for years . Like a swarm of pirianna's and I swear they can tell time!!:smile2: