Bluecats In The Winter

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    Original post made by Chris Harris(Gottheblues) on October 28, 2002

    The winter day bite for blues is excellent. They will bite just as good during the night but it is really not necessary to bare the elements then when you can have the same results during the day.

    The good thing about fishing is that everybody has different methods of catching fish. I for one don't downsize my baits til the water gets near 40 degrees. The reason I don't downsize is b/c a smaller fish will be more prone to take my bait. And those are not the ones I am after. BUT- As the water gets colder the less agressive the bite will be. A blues' metabolism will slow down as the weather cools.(all fish do, not just blues) I've caught fish over 60 lbs during cold parts of the winter that I didn't even know were on. I picked up the rod to change the bait and noticed that there was a fish on. Again, let me say that usually this only happens in my area when the water temp gets down near 40.(Your body of water will probably be different. It will vary from region to region, lake to lake, river to river). Usually the bite stays aggressive in my area the rest of the time. (What I mean by aggressive is that they will pull the rod down to the water when they hit). But the fight of the blue will not be as strong as say in the summertime when the water temp is above 80 degrees. But the plus side is that you will catch more and bigger fish during the winter months.