Blue Gill, first real fishing most kids do.

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    Ok, I have three kids. My youngest just discovered the joy of catching fish, fast and furious blue gill hitting meal worms. What fun she had last evening. Just plunked that little bobber down next to that old tree stump sticking up out of the pond, and bamb, it went under. She said, "poor starving blue gill".

    She caught 7 or 8 in about 45 minutes once she got the hang of hooking them. Of course she brought them all to me to take off the hook. She is just 10.

    My oldest like to fish, she is 17. Not real avid, but will go, even ask to go.

    My middle is 14. He fishes on his own, with his friends. They fish for anything that will bite. He loves to catfish with me, but he and his friends will go and catch 20 or 30 blue gill in and evening just for fun.

    One of my son's friends was making fun of him for blue gill fishing. Seems his dad takes him deep sea fishing a couple of times a year. Doesn't want anything under 20 lbs. His dad told him anything else was a was to time.

    So what, it was blue gill that go me hooked on fishing. That fast action, those 30 to 40 fish in an afternoon, taught me how to fish for other things and gave me many great memories with my dad and brother.

    Who will be a life long fisherman. The kid who goes deep sea fishing twice a year, or the one who can go any summer afternoon he wants. The one who catches a few big fish where all he does is set the hook and play the fish in. Or the one who learns to do everything from find his own bait to clean his own fish.

    Sorry, just a little rant, but don't make fun of blue gill fishing. They are good to eat and make great cat bait.
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    Yep I have spent many dollars buying wax worms and night crawlers for my kids to fish for bluegills . Now I do the same thing for the grand kids . My 9 year old grandson is a catfisherman to the bone he has won 4 tournaments since age 5 and cuts his own shad hooks it and all . He will fish all day everyday rain or shine . I find myself saying no fishing today


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    When i was growing up we had sunfish and yellow perch. Man the countless summer hours i spent chasing them. I would dig my own worms to fish with. It was so much fun and got me hooked on fishing when i was just a wee little lad. Good post
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    My GF is taking her daughter fishing this morning for the first time. She bought her a barbie pole (i think maybe a princess) for her 3rd birthday and has been practicing in the front yard ever since. Its kinda cute. She will cast out the practice plug towards a big bowl full of water and then sit in her chair and wait.
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    not a thing wrong with catchin bluegill , at times i'll take my fly rod and see how many i can get,like you said not bad eating either and tons of fun for thr kids
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    Here is a pic of her first fish. What I was told was that she wasn't quite sure what to do with it. She was kinda lure fishing with a piece of corn. She would drop the the drop the corn to the bottom and reel it up and then repeat. My GF is not even sure how long the fish was on there 'casue when she noticed thier was a fish on her daughter had just drop it again and started reeling it up. She just said it was a little heavier but that she was ok cause she was fishing. I wish I could have been there 'cause she was also singing to the fish that she had some corn for them. She did get a little upset when my GF would not dry off the fish so that she could take it home as a pet.

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    My daughter loves to go catch bait (bluegill) with me.
    Heck i Still really enjoy catching bluegill, fast action
    and they fight really well.
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    I love fishing for bluegills. Pound for pound they are probably the hardest hitting and most fierce fighting fish in fresh water. Bring home a few dozen and you have a meal fit for a king!

    I just found a new pond local to me that is POLLUTED with 'gills. I plan on taking my daughter there next Saturday. She'll love it.

    I landed over 2 dozen like this one and there are plenty more where that came from.


    To each there own I guess, and I love saltwater fishing. But if I had the choice to take the flyrod for a walk for 'gills or be lined up shoulder to shoulder on some crowded head boat, I'll take the solitude of panfishing.


    I like catching them on small beetle spins and ultralight tackle.
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    I like to hook them twice. Once to catch them and once to cast them.
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    Nice fish, congrats!