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Bluecats on Wing *****

When I first moved to Kentucky I had never seen a Wing **** before, there is several types of wing ***** in the Ohio River. Some of the wing ***** at normal pool are out of the water and some are under the water. The biggest part of wing ***** in this area is under the water and have large washouts behind them.

These wing ***** that are under the water, can be up to 400 yards long, and look like a dog leg or be straight out from the bank and be as short as 100 yards long. This was a challenge to my son and I. We needed to learn how to fish wing *****, so our first trip to one back in 2005 was interesting. When we got there, the river pool in that area was below summer pool and the water temps were in the mid 80’s and being in the end of August it was not great fishing conditions, I feel I need current to turn the fish onto feeding good. But on these wing ***** even with hardly any current, they make current right on the top of them or at the ends. When I first pulled up on the first wing **** I could see some movement on top of the water, as the hole behind it was about 55 foot deep, and we were marking all kind of fish on the fish finder.

So we anchored above the wing **** and floated back to the top of it just where the drop off is, and stopped the boat right there. Are rig’s consisted of 10/0 King Kahle hooks with a Carolina rig set up and a 50 # Mono Leader line, We were baited up with skip jack and shad, My son and one of my friends were with me at the time, as we all set out the lines, My Son had tossed one of his baits right on top of the wing **** as the rest of the baits were all behind the boat into the deeper water, Terry Stone who was with me at the time, Caught the first fish about a 10 Pound blue cat, Then My pole started and I got a small 8-10 Pound bluecat, Just as my son said to us hey I got a fish on, I looked back at him as he was saying its just a little one, I don’t need the fish grippers for it.

This was the one Pole my son had on top of the wing ****, as I turned around to Terry, he was getting a bite, I heard Ryan my son say something really loud as I turned and looked his pole in which he was reeling in the small bluecat that he didn’t need help with, was under the boat, and his pole was bent double, Just as I noticed the boat was swinging above the wing **** , here this fish had pulled us off anchor. We got all the other poles reeled in just as Ryan got his fish to the top of the water, it looked like a small barrel, And the fish gripper we had would not go over the jaw of the fish, so Terry reached inside its mouth with both hands and pulled it into the boat, just as the fish got onto the floor it decided to do a nice death roll in the boat, knocking tackle boxes and coolers all over the place. My son just got his personal best on a large skip jack, it weighed in at 54 pounds even. Then as the year grew into 2006 we had fished that **** area several more times and catching a lot of good fish.

One thing I did learn from the wing ***** is always check at the ends of these right where the ***** end and down stream from them too on the outside edge near the main channel to the river system.

So then at the beginning of August 2006, Brent Mcdivitt and my son and I went back to the same wing *****, where Ryan had caught his 54 Pound fish that year. This time there was a small current but the fish were not stacked up behind the wing ***** like they were the year before, So I started using my Lowerence X135 fish finder in locating the fish, I started marking fish almost 200 yards behind the wing ***** towards the main channel, and a few behind the end of the wing **** next to the Main channel of the river. As we set up the fish were just not picking up the bait, we were using fresh shad that we had got about an hour prior to this from the river. So after a hour or so , we decided to drift over these fish, so I ran back to the end of the wing **** and started my drift in the direction where all the fish were stacked up, On a drift I will turn on the fish finder and mark the bottom and reel the line up about a foot off of bottom, it was not long and Brent’s rod went down, and he hauled in a nice 10,5 pound bluecat, and I started getting hit’s too, what a difference it made by the boat moving over the fish that we just sat on with no hits, so we went back and started our second drift. Right off the bat, Brent reels in another 10 pound bluecat and we get it in the boat take pictures and release it back to fight another day. So we fired back up the boat and said why not lets go over the same thing for a third time, we got settled in and started the drift, Just as we got going Brent told me that my pole was double, as I looked up my inside rod was bent over the back of the boat resting on the splash pan next to the motor, I thought the pole was going to break, It took me a few seconds to get the rod out of the holder, but once it was out I had a lose line, so I started trying to reel up the slack just as this fish explodes right next to the boat on top of the water, We all knew it was a good fish after seeing its head and length of its body, this time it was no problem I felt the fish then as it caught up to the slack and down to the bottom of the river it went stripping off line, I fought this fish a good 10 minutes until we got it back to the top of the water and Ryan reached over and grabbed it by its mouth and pulled it into the boat, after several high fives and weighing the fish it came in right at 49.80 Pounds, and what a ending to a good evening on the river too, as we released the fish back into the water with several photos we headed back to the boat ramp due to it was a school day for my son in the morning.

We had found out that this area use to have several mussels beds and still does behind these wing ***** and most of these fish were stacked up on these mussel beds, It has taught me several times if one thing is not working you need to try something else and wing ***** are one heck of a spot to try different ways of fishing.

Eric Simcox
BOC Staff
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