Blue catfishing on Lake Norman - what hooks to use

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    hey ya'll I'm new to blue fishing. I plan to fish Norman with cut or live shad. Maybe drifting or anchored near bait. Any hook suggestions? How much bait to use. Have been striper fishing, thought I might give the big cats a go.
  2. BigCatDreaming

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    Well I'm not to knowledgeable about stripers, but when using cut bait you usually want to use a circle hook. It holds the bait a lot better. Depending on how big of cats your after should determine the size of bait you use and hook. Just go to your local sporting goods store and look for strong and reliable circle hooks. Everyone has a preferred brand so I'm not going to tell you what to use. Be Creative! Find out what works for you

  3. gearhead

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    drift fishing works for me there ,5/0 or 6/0 gamakatsu octopus circle hooks with 1 oz slinky weight above 2/0 barrell swivel ,24" leader with 3' float 8" from hook . use whole shad for 30 min then reel in whack his head off at a angle to catch more guts and cast back out for 30 min . then start over fresh again this works for me .
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    I like to do this however I use 5/0-8/0 Lazer Kahles.
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    Most of us who fish Norman use circle hooks usually 6/0. I will also use a style 42 Eagle Claw size 1/0 when fishing for smaller fish I intend on taking home. The circles are really nice for catch and release. I try to take good care of LakeNormanBlues big fish with a nice circle hook to the corner of the jaw followed by a quick photo and slap on the caudle fin. Smaller fish however-- may find that fate has played a cruel trick on them.
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    Mudkip summarized it well.

    Depending on what size fish you are after and the size of the bait, 4/0-7/0 will cover most every base for you.

    Tomorrow, in the tournament, 12/0 and slabs of bait the size of your hand!!!!!! SWINGING FOR THE FENCES!!! :lol:
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    Rusty; Mudkip, Wyliecat and others have given you some good advice on hooks. Just remember when using the circle and octopus wides you do not need to jerk or pull back strong on your rod, just crank that baby in. The hook is designed to set itself in the corner of the fishes mouth. A good place to fish Sunday would be in the area of the Hwy. 150 bridge (main channel) because that is where we will be releasing all them big cats (we hope)! Weather not looking too good as of 3:30 AM (1-20-07), winds are projected to be 10 to 20 MPH out of the WNW with the barometer rising. Nothing is ever easy on Norman, do I hear an Amen on that one?