Blue Catfish Stocking in Jordan & Harris Lakes

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    This is an e-mail and the reply from the WRC on Blues being stocked in Jordan and Harris. By phone they said the same thing about Flatheads. Greg, I read the article concerning you and your Brother in the May 2005 issue of the North Carolina Sportsman. Conggragulations on a job well done ! Mr. McDonald,
    The Wildlife Resources Commission has not stocked blue catfish in Jordon
    Reservoir. We have heard reports from anglers that blue catfish have been
    caught. However, we have not collected blue catfish in our routine
    sampling. We hope to conduct sampling specific to catfish over the next
    several years.

    The Wildlife Resources Commission has not stocked blue catfish in Harris
    Lake; however, channel catfish have been stocked twice in the past. We have
    only observed channel catfish during our routine sampling.

    Thanks for your interest,

    Christian T. Waters
    NC Wildlife Resources Commission
    Division of Inland Fisheries
    Piedmont Region Fishery Supervisor

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    Could you tell me if there have been Blue Catfish stocked in Jordan ? If so
    when or any info on stocking of Blues in Jordan or Harris. In your sampling
    do youo find any Blues at Jordan or Harris. Thanks
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    All I got to say is they aren't sampling a whole lot and evidently there isnt any communication from the wardens assigned to those areas with the NCWRC.
    I've never caught a blue at Jordan but I've caught several flatheads and lost a huge flathead that I clearly saw in the 50-60 pound range.

    In Harris I've caught numerous flatheads exceeding 15 pounds all the way to the 30 pound mark. Although I did catch them sporadically.
    Many of the free fishing publications over the last 18-20 years have had photos of Shearon Harris flatheads that people have sent in.
    I've seen the photos of 30+ pound flatheads dotted around in many tackle stores and country stores in the area. I readily agree that some of those photos presented the angler may have misrepresented his catch that actually came from the Cape Fear but I highly doubt every photo I've seen labeled Shearon Harris is ficticious.
    I can only imagine flatheads have been stocked in Harris from the numerous fish camps that used to be so prevalent up down that stretch of the Cape Fear some years ago.

    They used to haul alot of monster flats out of that river trotlining and few were released back into the river from those that I knew that were doing it.

    I've seen more then one trotline that was a cable stretching across the river that was operated by a winch. It was lowered into the water during the week and while it was being worked on the weekends pulled taught across the river with the winch.

    There is monster flats in Harris, I've had just a sampling of what I believe is really there.
    First thing the wife always says when I'm conversing about catfishing Shearon Harris (she used to always go with me) is those things wouldnt fit all the way into the livewell. I would drag them over the side of the bass boat and she was climbing on top of the outboard. Her fear was not exerted on the channel cat stocking. Her fear was a substantiated one of size.

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    bout what I expected. Maybe the day will come when the bigger cats will become viable. They used to say the Stripers would never get more than a few pounds in Jordan and now they are pushing 20 pounds with 8-12's fairly common.

    I am sure Blues and Flats would do great there. Same goes for Harris. More good baitfish in that lake than any I have ever seen. Harris is the lake I fish the most and is 4 minutes from my house so I hope the big cats show up there first.

    All I know is I have been fishing both lakes hard since 1991 with live bait on at least one rod and the score is:

    Greg and 12-15 friends - 0 Blues and 0 Flats (2 Flats out of Falls Lake though 3 and 8 pounds)

    Could be I just suck though:lol:

    The red drum tournament in the article is my favorite thing to do all year and we have done well before but last years was the best yet. It is amazing how the editor screwed up so many points though. I suppose they are in a hurry.
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    Holly Springs, NC
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    where did all the white cats come from if what he said in his last sentence is true."we only have channels cats in their sampling". makes me believe what mark said about not sampling much water. anyway just for thought "if" some locals released some blues from kerr and gaston in jordan. there was only 865 blue cat weighing around a pound released in santee in 1965. so for those wanting blues in jordan there maybe a future for blues in jordan. just a 25-30 year old thought....
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    I have a dream...

    That one day the wildlife folks from NC and SC will take a serious interest in the catfish populations in both states.

    Sorry, I was in Memphis this week and went to the Civil Rights Museum where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. A must visit for anyone who goes there. The motel where he was shot is the actual museum, and they preserved everything from the incident. It was kinda erie, like a trip back in time.

    I digress...

    In my opinion, the wildlife people from both NC and SC do not have a firm graps on what catfish are where. They can tell you where they stocked fish, but many are shocked as to the size and population in many of the lakes.

    They can tell you everything you want to know about largemouth, as this is the focus of most of the studies and research.

    I spoke with a knowledgable gentleman from the SCDNR about the catfish populations there. We talked about Wateree and he said that there are some blues in there that get up to about 20 pounds. I laughed. I told him, "ya, they get up to about 20 pounds on their way to 50-60 pounds." He said he doubted there were any there that size, and then I offered to e-mail him some pictures of blues some of my friends and myself have caught there that were 30-50 pounds.

    NCWRC is no different. I have had there folks tell me that there is not a population of blues in Lake Wylie, but I have caught them up to 22 pounds and I have caught them in the 2 pound range, so this shows that not only are they there, but they are reproducing.

    The problem with shocking program is where they do the shocking and when. You can shock all you want in the summer in shallow water and you will not turn up too many blue cats. Do it at night and that may be different. I think if they were targeting catfish in the shocking programs the results would be different.
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    I think you are right, the NCWRC don't know much about what's in there lakes, except for largemouth and striped bass. Here's what we need to do, start taking doctors, lawyers, and politicians with us catfishing and get them hooked, then we will have some stocking and regulations for catfish........:lol: No offense to those listed above, I might need you one day.:big_smile:
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    I would rather leave well enough alone.:lol:
    Ranger bass boats went from 16,000 for a fully loaded comfortable riding fishing machine to upwards of 50,000 because all these doctors, lawyers, and other folks that can afford it in these good money making times will pay the price.

    I aint buying no 50k Jonboat.:tounge_out:
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    I fish Jordan 4 days a week and have never seen a flatty there.

    btw Dry Fork catfish tourny is August 26th. I will be in for the 3rd year.
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    I have seen flatheads in Jordan and I have seen what I believe to be blues. I have been wrong before and I may be wrong now but I sincerly believe I have caught a blue catfish there small yes but still a blue. The flatheads I did not catch but I watched a couple of older guys pull out at least two, unless bullheads get over 10 pounds those were flatheads. Please let me add I would like to think I know the difference between a blue, channel, white and flathead catfish. I have also started carrying my camera with me to document said catches should I catch anymore.