Blue catfish in the Great Miami River - Dayton area

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by Montgomery, Apr 17, 2007.

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    i was wondering . but i have been fishing these gravel pits. that were just opend up to the public. been there for years. about 50 foot deep. but the river is a good 200 yards away. but floods into it heavly. so much it creates decent current in the ponds. but my dad landed a 5 pounder today. and i thinking it might have been a blue. and the fish i had yesturday. 7 or 8 plounds looked like a blue to me also. plus i have never caught a 7 pounder before . just wondering if blues miigrate this far from the ohio or other big rivers. these ponds have been here so long . they have had plenty of time to reproduce. whats crazy though the more i read . the more you just never know what your catching . channels and blues hybrids. channel and flatthead hybrid. i cant seem to find a picture of one yet. but i found tons of reserch on it . and they do exist. so i wonder if a flatt and bull head could . you never know.
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    south east ohio
    Mike since you are close to the Ohio they could be transplants someone tossed in from down cincy. I have not heard of blues migrating up any rivers yet, but I see no reason they couldn't or wouldn't. Fish have a natural tendency to swim up river lol. 20 yrs ago you couldn't find them in the Ohio river I think. Now the lower portion is full of them. They will keep expanding northward till they find the cutoff. I wouldn't mind catching a few in the Muskingum someday.

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    I have always thought and also have heard, that when the water is on the rise fish will search for food in the flooded waters ! That will lead them to your gravel pits ! I would also think that if deep enough ( and 50 feet sure is) that they may stay there as the water receeds. Makes sense to me ! The dorsal fin of a blue is straight in appearance as opposed to to a channel's rounded fin. Hope this helps...Randy