Blue catfish - Catch of a lifetime on the Mississippi River

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    001.JPG I would like to thank all of the people for the positive posts concerning my catch of a lifetime. I was fishing alone on Dec. 1 2007, on the MS river using a skipjack for bait when the fish hit. After a long battle I got the fish to the boat.Realizing how big the fish was and that it was 12 miles to the nearest ramp I decided to call my wife to bring a camera and meet me at a spot on my hunting club that was not far from me. I own certified scales at my business and have certified a world record catfish for the MS Game and Fish Commission . I believe that it was no way that this fish could have survived the trip and I did not want that. The fish weighed more than my 100# scales could register it was then released. It was a thrill watching the fish swim off. John Summers


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