Blue catfish are biting; Spoonbill are running!

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by stitch, Feb 27, 2007.

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    Hey, I got a job at a local restruant as a waiter, and we have a lot of people continuously passing through. I've been asking around about the fishing, and so Here's the scoop....

    Grand Lake, Oklahoma---> The spoonbill are runnin. Should be a little while yet before they get up to the Chetopa, KS dam, though. Usually around March 15, but who knows this year!?

    BLUES ARE BITIN'---> In Grand Lake, they have been catchin blue cats on jugs 30 feet down using hot dogs for bait. If you're spoonbillin, just go out a little farther away from the bank and set your jugs for 30 feet with hotdogs. Good Luck if we have any Grand Lake fishermen here!

    Perhaps someone else could provide some comments on other lakes around the mid-America area. Are the blues bitin and spoonbil runnin other places too? Thanks. Stitch out. :tounge_out:

    P.S. Does anybody happen to fish Elk City Resevoir? How's the fishing there right now?
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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    thanks for the update on grand