Blue back herring for bait in North Carolina

Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by seaark, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. seaark

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    North Carolina
    Are there any laws in North Carolina about me using blueback herring. I fish out of state quite a lot and always have bait left. I aquired a large tank and want to keep it, but can I use this live bait on a lake such as Baden or High Rock?
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    north carolina
    seaark i dont think there is a law on blue backs at badin. they have been stock in the lake for a couple years now. in the summer you can catch them up by the dam. the funny thing is there are very few shad mixed in with them. as for catching fish with them i cannot tell the difference at badin. they are in tillery and falls dam as well. i read something about them over harvesting them on the coast but i dont think there is no law. not sure. iwas talking to one of the bait seller at santee about selling them in n.c. he said you couldnt have but so many with you at one time. so it wouldnt be worth it to sell them. but there may be other laws on selling too. maybe someone can jump in on this and help out better.

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    In the big D alewife and blueback herring are regulated for one day possesion of 35.
    I've heard they are considering lowering thqat and possibly even having a closeds season on em on account of over harvesting them.

    Guys come down the river here and load up by the hundreds and take em down the shore and seem em at 3-5 bux a pop!
    it is illigeal here in NJ to sell any fish but i see guys doin it all spring!

    I would think your ok fishing with them as bait as long as your within the creel limit for em.