Bloomington boat and tackle show

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by SilverCross, Jan 29, 2006.

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    Went down and checked it out on Sat. I was really dissapointed on what was there. If you were a Bass fisherman I guess it was all well and good. Being as I am mostly a Catfisherman I only found one small booth that had anything to do with my fishing. One place had some giant rods, but not one place had an ABU, or a PENN baitcaster at it. The one place that had the giant rods had Okuma reels, which I checked out pretty good. I don't believe they are in the same league as Abu, or Penn. I did see one place that had Fenwick rods, of course these are way out of my price range, but seemed pretty nice rods. I think we need to get our own shows with catfishing equipment. I met two of our members while I was there and they were really nice brothers. They were Rivercat1 and Rivercat2. They also pretty much thought that there just wasn't much for us there. They said it was mostly stuff that dealers probably couldn't sell in there stores so brought it there to get rid of it. I did check out a reel made by California Tackle, I wasn't impressed any by it. I noticed while reeling it that the line guide would stop then go again. I touched it lightly with just on finger while I was reeling and it just stopped period and I was touching it so lightly I couldn't even feel it on my finger. I don't think I will be buying any of them. They did have some very nice boats there, both for fishing and for putting on a show in my opinion. A $56,000 bass boat, I'm sure I would take it out fishing. I thought they had some really nice jon boats that I would love to have for catting.
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    Sad to say but most all of them shows are gear to bass fishermen. That is the big thing.

    What we need to do is like last year meet down at Catfish connection some saturday morning . It is nothing but catfishing stuff. We had a blast last year. I also bought a bunch of stuff .

    anyone interested?