Blood worm strips for bream? Anyone tried it?

Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by Timber Cat, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Timber Cat

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    Penderlea NC
    the bag of worms used for catchin spots in salt water?They work really well here in NC at the beaches for spots.And since some people have said they use shrimp to catch bream....well,I was just wonderin if those worm strips (bloodworm strips) would work too? Think I will give em a try myself this weekend.

  2. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    You get on a bream bed there aint much a bluegill wont hit. Shellcrackers are a little different story. The best bait I've found for shellcrackers is what we call creek worms. Those worms you go down to the creek and dig up.
    I've had fair luck with crickets on shellcrackers if they are bedding.

    Some of the best fun to me is with a flyrod using a gnat. Its a wet fly and sinks really slow. Watch the tippet for a slight jerk and you have a fish.
    I had always used popping flies which are dry flies until someone showed me fishing with a wet fly. Thats the ticket as your best bream will bed in 4 feet of water or more.

    Now my brother on the other hand used to fly fish with a cane pole cork on his leader and live crickets and filled the boat with fish. I've never been accomplished enough to throw live bait on a flyrod:lol:

    Now if you have a petting pond like we do fishing for hybrid bream is easy. All you need is is breambuster and and a bare hook and you'll catch all the bait you'll need in 20 minutes or so. The hook hits the water and 10 bream are fighting to chomp on steel.