Blood drive at work - message from special lady

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by JAinSC, Jan 29, 2008.

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    Thought I'd share: I just got this email message here at work. This is a very special lady!

    "Good Morning Everyone, I am sure you have all seen Mike's E-Mails that the blood drive is next week. Have you ever wondered why you should give blood? or where does your blood go? For 50 years I gave blood and asked these questions. It was not until 2006 that the answers came to me loud and clear. I went to the American Red Cross to donate platelets but when they did their preliminary blood check I was not allowed to donate because my blood was dangerously low. They told me to see my doctor immediately. That was a life saving moment. I was later diagnosed with several serious conditions, but because of early detection treatable. Later that same year and into the following year(2007) I once again had to call upon The American Red Cross again. During the course of that year I received transfusions of 17 pints of blood and 16 units of platelets. I am glad I gave blood. For 50 years I gave blood and did not need it but when I did, there were people like you there for me. Please give, pay forward. You may not need blood for 50 years also or maybe never but someone you know or love may. I can no longer give blood but hope you will keep up the tradition and keep giving blood for people like me. Thanks for your time and NO this is not a paid advertisement."
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    An excellent post! I too used to be a donor that never needed any blood products until a young driver hit me head on one evening. I then became the recipient in need on a few occasions during my early weeks of recovery.

    I can't tell you people how important it is to donate when you can. As this lady stated, it may never be you that needs the blood products but it could easily be your child, spouse, parent, best friend or some other loved one.

    Sadly I can no longer donate due to medical problems and meds I am on.

    I challenge each and every one of you that can to donate at least twice in 2008! The life you save may be yours or one of those you love.


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    I donate about 5 or 6 times a year. Normally I dont donate in the wintertime as it causes me get sick. Once they start up where I work at Ill be donating again.
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    I'm signed up to donate next week! I have donated 32 times so far. Pay forward is a good term to use cause you never know when your going to be the one in need!
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    I donated regularly for many years, starting back in the service. The last I donated was 5 units to be used in my upcoming surgery if needed. The surgeon said that would be more than plenty... he blew that one.... I had to have 21 units. After that I can no longer donate due to taking blood anti-coagulate.