Blood Chum for Blues?

Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by cckessin, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. cckessin

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    Charlotte,North Carolina
    Do any of you guys use a Chum made out of fresh blood for attracting Blue cats. I have read quite a few chum/stink baits for channels, but was wondering if any one had some success with fresh blood for Blue cats? I read an thread about some guys from the Midwest using some type of blood chum for a catfishing tournement at Santee and won the tourney.
  2. BAM

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    Used blood in the past, works good for channels, cant remember how many blues where caught. Never used it for chum just bait.

  3. Catcaller

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    I have never used blood for chum. I have used it for bait and caught fish in the past. My favorite chum is cleaned trout carcasses/guts or day or two old shad that is left over from a previous fishing trip. I'll dump the chum into a burlap or mesh sack and attach it to my anchor when I fish the river or the lake.
  4. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    The gentlemen from the midwest didn't use blood as a chum they used prepared blood for bait.They brought some this year for the King Kat tourney and they did well but did not win.They prepare the blood by drying it and salting it I think to toughen it.Then they drift with it.They had an article in In-fisherman I think several years ago explaining the process.I was given some back in sept and used it without much luck but did see my son catch 1 38lb blue on it and caught a 20lber myself.It is very messy and nasty to use.
  5. Ravensmavsfan

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    I don't ussually chum for blues. It seems hard to chum for flats or blues unless you throw out a fresh bucket of cutbait.
  6. kspor

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    I went with a ole boy who had a bucket of fermented soy beans. He fills a 5 gallon bucket half to 3/4 full of beans adds water to the top and then lets it sit for 3-5 days depending on the temp. Smells horid but he lowers the bucket to the bottom or just dumps it. I about 30 the poles went nuts. We couldnt reel em in fast enough. He will sometime set up several areas like this and rebait them serveral times a week. Stay upwind tho.